BungeeFind 1.0

Find which server a player is connected to!

  1. WPM
    BungeeFind is a plugin that allows you to use the command /find or /where to locate which server a player is connected to. For example if a player is on "opprison1" and I use /find (Player), it will tell me that (Player) is connected to opprison1 so I can connect and share the fun!

    Here is an example of the plugin (Every single message shown can be customized in the configuration file.)

    Code (Text):
    # What should we say if too little arguments were specified?
    NotEnoughArguments: "&aYou must specify a &7player!"

    # What should we say if the player that was specified was not found?
    PlayerNotFound: "&aSorry&7! &aPlayer not &7found!"

    # What should we say when the player is found?
    Message: "&aFound &7%Player% &aat &7%Server%! &ajoin them using &7/server %Server%"

    # What should we say when the config file has been reloaded?
    Config Reload: "&aConfiguration file &7reloaded."
    %Player%: Gets the specified player.
    %Server%: Gets the server the specified player is in.

    (All of these variables are used in the section "Message" in the configuration file)

    /find or /where: Is the command used to locate the target player.
    /bungeefind: Shows basic information about the plugin.
    /bungeefind reload: Reloads the configuration file.

    bungeefind.use: Allows access to /find or /where
    bungeefind.admin: Allows access to reload the configuration file.
    Have a server using this plugin? Tell me and I will add it here!


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    Hey, WPM my Lovely Developer Add our network here!

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      Author's Response
      Thanks a lot and I will add it soon.
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    Good but BungeeCord comes with the command /find and does what this does

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      This one is more custom :D