BungeeFriends v0.0.2

A very simple /friend system for bungee, with database support

  1. crzassassin
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Bungee Friends:


    - /friends
    - /friends list
    - /friends add
    - /friends remove

    Every message is configurable :)

    This plugin requires mongoDB, however you can setup a free database here: ATLAS
    Just drop your connection string for the database into the config and it'll just work!

    More additions to come:
    FlatFile support
    join and leave notifications

    Discord coming soon :)
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  1. hidden1nin
    Version: v0.0.2
    Great plugin, code could be a bit cleaner but overall is pretty great! Lovee it
    1. crzassassin
      Author's Response
      Thanks, yeah it needs a cleanup, it was coded rather quickly so hence the mess, i have got plans to tidy it up and add some more features to it :)