BungeeHelp 1.2.2

Write custom help messages for your bungeecord network.

  1. alex3025
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    You can translate the plugin's main messages.

    With this BungeeCord plugin, you can customize the /help message per server and much more...

    Commands & Permissions
    /bungeehelp - Shows info about the plugin.
    /bh help bungeehelp.help - Shows all the plugin's commands and permissions.
    /bh reload bungeehelp.reload - Reloads the configuration.

    bungeehelp.view - Allow the user to use help commands.
    bungeehelp.cooldown.bypass - Allow use to bypass the command cooldown.
    bungeehelp.updatenotify - Allow the users with this permission to get a message if a new version of the plugin is avaiable.

    If you have any problem, feel free to contact me!
    And don't forget to leave a review if you like the plugin. :)

Recent Reviews

  1. AngeloGamer_2019
    Version: 1.2.2
    Great Plugin Can you add something that when you click / Page 1 >> / The Actioo that would do is Change the Page of the Help Message With A Hover?
  2. gaytis
    Version: 1.2.2
    This plugin is just perfect. Since i'd discover it i can't stop using it. All help messages are in one place. That's so usefull and time saving.
    Just thank you for this plugin !
    1. alex3025
      Author's Response
      Thank you! :D