BungeeHostLimiter 1.0

A plugin that assigns custom wildcard hostnames to players

  1. Vik1395
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    BungeeHostLimiter works as a security plugin that allows you to specify custom wild card host names (*.serverip.com) for players so that they can only log in to the server using their custom ip. The plugin also allows you to list a set of public ips that players can connect to. If a player tries to connect to a hostname not specified in the default list (or custom list), the player will not be allowed to log in. This plugin does not need any permissions or commands.

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    Config File
    Code (Text):
    #--- BungeeHostLimiter Config File ---#

    Default Host Names:
        - play.legitplay.net
        - mc.legitplay.net
    # Enter a list of default host names players can use to log in to your server.

    Custom Host Names:
        md_5: md5.legitplay.net
        Vik1395: Vik1395.legitplay.net
    # Enter a list of players and their custom Wildcard Hosts.
    # These players can only login to the server using the given host name.

    Default Kick Message: 'You have not entered using a valid IP. Please use one of the following IPs to enter this Server: %list%'
    # Enter the kick message shown to default players that log in through an IP not
    # listed in the Default Host Names. Use %list% to show the list of IPs they can use.

    Custom Kick Message: 'You have not entered using a valid host key!'
    # Enter the kick message shown to players who dont join with their custom key.


    This plugin is licensed under CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International. In very basic terms, Do whatever you want with the code of this plugin, as long as you give credits to the author and/or the plugin itself.

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