BungeeIPHandler 1.1.0

All in one IP handler.

  1. Velocity6

    BungeeIPHandler is a BungeeCord plugin inspired from the "BungeeIPBan" plugin. I created this plugin to make the system more efficient, and add a few more features. The code as also been updated (No deprecated code). A key thing I'd like to point out with this plugin is that unlike the BungeeIPBan plugin, this plugin does not require a fresh restart of the proxy for the unban to take effect.

    /alt <Username> - View any accounts under the same IP. - bungeeiphandler.alt
    /altremove <username> - Remove an alt record of the desired username. - bungeeiphandler.altremove
    /ipban <ip/player> - Ban the IP of the target player. - bungeeiphandler.banip
    /unbanip <ip/player> - Unban the IP of the target player. - bungeeiphandler.banip
    /ipreload - Reload the ban list/alt list. - bungeiphandler.reload

    You can view all of my work, as well as the source code for this plugin on my GitHub here.

    My goal with this plugin was to create a lightweight and efficient IP handler. If you have any feature suggestions/requests, feel free to let me know!
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  1. Vorske11111
    Version: 1.1.0
    Since there are no reviews, I might as well be the first. The plugin works excellent, but there a few things that would be very helpful. Such as an option for custom messages because there are a few grammar errors in the plugin. Other than that, I see no problem with it!