BungeeJail 1.15

BungeeJail is a simple BungeeCord Jail Plugin

  1. Some additions and updates with UTF-8 handling.

    This update contains new config options, please do a backup of your config, if something goes wrong!

    + Now the config is loaded and saved in UTF-8.
    + It is possible to define alias commands for '/bungeejail jail', '/bungeejail unjail' and '/bungeejail check' in your config, predefined aliases are now: '/jail ...', '/unjail ...' and '/checkjail ...'.
    + Now you can use BungeeJail as a 'tempban' manager too, if 'settings.offlinetimeexpiration' is 'true' then the jailtime counts down even when the player is offline. Note that the jailed player can join the Jail Server and if 'settings.allow-hubconnect' is 'true' the hub/lobby server too.
    +++ In addition: if offlinetimeexpiration and allow-hubconnect is true, the time counts also down if the player is in the lobby/hub.

    Whenever you find a error from this plugin, pls send me a private Message with the error in a Code
    Stacktrace ([ code=Java]...[/code])
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