BungeeJail 1.15

BungeeJail is a simple BungeeCord Jail Plugin

  1. Some additions and updates with UTF-8 handling.

    This update contains new config options, please do a backup of your config, if something goes wrong!

    + Now the config is loaded and saved in UTF-8.
    + It is possible to define alias commands for '/bungeejail jail', '/bungeejail unjail' and '/bungeejail check' in your config, predefined aliases are now: '/jail ...', '/unjail ...' and '/checkjail ...'.
    + Now you can use BungeeJail as a 'tempban' manager too, if 'settings.offlinetimeexpiration' is 'true' then the...
  2. Bugfix - NPE in ChatEvent

    Fixed NullPointerException in ChatEvent when not Jailed Player send Message.
  3. NoClassDefFoundError when not using MultiLobby.

    Since Update 1.4.5, when not using the Plugin MultiLobby, the Plugin not start succesfully.

    Fixed query to check if MultiLobby is used.
  4. Ability to use with MultiLobby

    *** Edited *** : Don't use this, use Update instead.

    Now it should be possible to use BungeeJail with MultiLobby.

    If a jailed Player connect to the Server and "allow-hubconnect" in the configuration is true, then the Player connects to a Lobby with the lowest Player count.

    I do not have tested this Update but im sure that it would do great.

    If you found any error please show it to me so i can fix it.
  5. Minor Update, Bugfix - NPE when Jailed Player Connect

    This is a short update which should fix a NullPointerException which occurs if a jailed player disconnects and then wants back to the server.

    I have not tested this update yet but i think this should fix the problem which occurs.
  6. Bugfix - NPE at Command unjail

    If a Onlineplayer get unjailed and the "Hub-Server" can't be found than the Player is not teleportet to any other Server.
  7. Time Output with Actionbar

    This update include an optional feature to give the jailed Player an display of the actually jail time.

    If you want to use this feature, add the following message at the config path:
    Code (Text):
        timeleftactionbar: §bTime left in jail: §7{[<TIME>]}s
    If you want to disable this feature, then delete this line from your config.
  8. Bug-fixes

    In this update, the config format was changed in UTF-8. This means that the config content would be loadet now in UTF-8. I hope this fix the problem with the configuration errors.

    In addition, it should now be possible to set the time to infinity by negative time input.

    I hope that everything works well. If someone find bugs, please tell it with further informations.
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  9. New Features

    Added Features:
    - Disable BungeeCord Commands for jailed Players
    - Disable Bukkit Commands for jailed Players
    - Disable chatting for jailed Players
    - Optional (Configuration option) allow jailed Players to join the Hub Server
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