BungeeMonitoringBoard 1.1.1

Multi-server Info in your scoreboard (Players, TPS)

  1. Sabbertran

    BungeeMonitoringBoard shows all your server statistics (player count and TPS) in the scoreboard

    • Show the player count and TPS of any server in your BungeeCord network (and even beyond the network) in the scoreboard
    • supports as much servers as you want
    • scrolls through all servers (only 7 servers can be displayed at a time)
    • easy usage

    1. Drop the JAR-file into your plugin folder
    2. Restart your server or load the plugin using a plugin manager
    3. config.yml: change the server name (will be shown on the scoreboards), the delay between scoreboard updates (in seconds) and your sql data
    4. Restart your server or reload the plugin using a plugin manager
    5. Do this for every server in that you want the statistics to be displayed for
    6. Done
    • bungeemonitoringboard.show - All players with this permission will see the board
    Useful information
    • The server you are on will be displayed in orange, instead of light-blue
    • If the TPS drops below 15 it will change it's color to yellow
    • If the TPS drops below 10 it will change it's color to red
    • The server names can't be longer than 14 chars, because of minecraft limitations
    • If the length of the player count string (online players, "/", max. players) is equal to 6, the TPS will be shortened to one decimal place, and if it is equal to 7 or 8, it will be rounded to a full number
    • If the length of the player count string (online players, "/", max. players) is higher than 8, the TPS won't be displayed
    • So, briefly said, if you have to many players, the TPS indicator has to suffer
    • If you want to change the order of the servers, you have to rearrange the id's in the database

    - Add memory usage
    - Enabled/Disable command for individual players

    More Links
    [​IMG] Source on Github
    [​IMG] Twitch (Development Livestreams)
    [​IMG] Twitter

Recent Updates

  1. Removed external logging
  2. Minor Message Fix
  3. Bugfix

Recent Reviews

  1. _Zane
    Version: 1.1.1
    It's not working for me, the scoreboard doesnt appear. Are there any side-plugins?
    1. Sabbertran
      Author's Response
      There is no need for any other plugins. Have you set up your config file correctly? Are any other plugins modifying the scoreboard?
  2. EnderSandman
    Version: 1.1.1
    Another great plugin. Just installed it yesterday on my hub server and players love it. I am now using 3 of your plugins on my server and they are all 5 stars.
  3. therealmccoy1234
    Version: 1.1.1
    Great Plugin,
    but we need a command to toggle it the scoreboard on and off
  4. Devin_54321
    Version: 1.1.1
    I really like it, just please add more configurations to it, like being able to disable certain things and being able to add and change the look of the scoreboard, all while keeping it working with bungee. :D
  5. 123_felix_321
    Version: 1.1