BungeeMSG v2.2.0

Configurable Private Messages for all servers on a BungeeCord Proxy!

  1. v2.2.0: PowerfulPerms & BungeeAdminTools support

    + Added support for PowerfulPerms.
    ^ /msgspy will now be stored in the playerdata.yml
    * FIX: Support for BungeeAdminTools.
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  2. v2.1.9: Bug Fixes

    * FIX: If the joined player wasn't registered correctly they got kicked sometimes.
    * FIX: BungeePerms support wasn't working if a wrong username was submitted.
    * FIX: Reply commands wasn't working correctly.
    * FIX: Duplicate feature wasn't working correctly.
    * FIX: Support for plugins like Bungee Admin Tools wasn't working properly. (Mute feature)
  3. v2.1.8: Bug Fixes

    ^ Updated BungeeMSG to the latest Bungeecord version.
    * FIX: UTF-8 Symbols didn't work.
    * FIX: Not able to use the '&' symbol.
  4. v2.1.7: More Bug Fixes

    * FIX: BungeePerms will now work flawlessly.
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  5. v2.1.6: Bug Fixes

    * FIX: The plugin wasn't working in some cases.
    * FIX: SpigotBridge's vanish feature wasn't working correctly.
  6. v2.1.5: Startup Fix

    * FIX: v2.1.5 had startup problems when checking for the BungeeMSG.spy.on permission.
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  7. v2.1.5: Force Announcers, Ignorelist & Bug Fixes

    + Added Support for SpigotBridge v1.0.4
    + New Command: /announce (BungeeMSG.announce, force announcer messages)
    + New Command: /ignorelist (BungeeMSG.ignorelist, view ignored players)
    + New Variable: %index% (/announce)

    ^ Permission checks are no longer case sensitive.
    * FIX: BungeePerms Group permissions weren't working.
    * FIX: Some startup issues when loading ignored and muted players.
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  8. v2.1.4: Auto Global Fix

    * FIX: The regular message when using Global as the default chat wasn't cancelled.
  9. v2.1.3: BungeePerms support & Bug Fixes

    + Added support for BungeePerms
    ^ Vanished players through SpigotBridge cannot be targeted by the following commands: /msgtoggle, /ignore, /report and /msg
    * FIX: Support for plugins like AuthMeBridge wasn't working properly.
    * FIX: Checking for ChatColor permissions caused a bug to happen. (Offline players)
    * FIX: Toggling a channel with a command, ex: '/ac' wasn't working properly. Now use: '<cmd> ' instead of '<cmd>'
    * FIX:...
  10. v2.1.1: ColorCodes Fix

    * FIX: ColorCode permissions weren't working properly.
    * FIX: ColorCodes submitted by users as a MessageList were not changed.