BungeeMute 1.9

A simple /mute for BungeeCord.

  1. Absentee23
    This is a simple /mute plugin for BungeeCord. I wrote this for myself to have a simple network-wide /mute instead of using chat plugins which mute per-server. It also has support to /muteall, to silence all chat across the network. It also has config options to have the player who ran /mute forward commands to the spigot server they are on, add a custom appeals link, and more. Also has a configurable list of commands to block when a player is muted (by default, /msg etc commands).

    This was meant to be as simple as possible while still allowing a few good features in a mute plugin. It will not be expanded much past this feature set unless suggested features fit nicely in the scope of this plugin.

    Commands »

    Permissions »

    Note: all of these are BUNGEE commands and require permissions to be added to the BUNGEE config.yml or in BungeePerms.
    Code (Text):

    bungeemute.bypass » Allows player to bypass mute allowing chat while muted.
    bungeemute.admin » Allows player to see muted messages.
    bungeemute.mute » Allows use of /mute
    bungeemute.muteall » Allows use of /muteall
    Config »
    Code (Text):

    - /msg
    - /m
    - /w
    - /whisper
    # Forward commands to spigot server (for my Skript use, mainly).
    # Placeholders: {target} = muted player. {reason} = specified reason
    mute-forward-commands: []
    unmute-forward-commands: []

    muted-players: []

    appeals-link: "http://YourServer.net/appeals/link"
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  1. _Skizzy
    Version: 1.9
    You should add some other features. Such as warnings, bans, and possibly kicking. Other than that, this gave me sorta what I needed! Thanks!