BungeeNPC Converter 1.1.4

Convert old NPC Files to the Newest version

  1. MrMaurice211
    This is just a tool to convert old BungeeNPC version files to the new file format

    The use is easy, see the Screenshots below for instructions
    Step #1:
    Open the jar File ( Double click)

    Step #2:
    Once started the progam, click in "Select File" button

    Step #3:
    Choose your file, only files with "bungee" extension are accepted because is the only file in the plugin that has changed

    Step #4:
    Choose the type of the convertion

    Step #5:
    Hit the "Convert" button

    Now its done! The file got overwritten and is ready to be used in the recent version of BungeeNPC
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Recent Updates

  1. 1.1.4 - Bug fix
  2. 1.1.3 - A lot of changes
  3. 1.1.2 - Hotfix

Recent Reviews

  1. BoonkGaming
    Version: 1.1.4
    Hi! It's stuck at "injecting objects". So, what's now? .
  2. Trucho
    Version: 1.1.4
    bungeenpc convert dont work for me say injecting objects


    jun 10, 2020 3:04:25 PM me.mrmaurice.converter.Converter <init>
    INFO: Starting patcher
    jun 10, 2020 3:04:26 PM me.mrmaurice.converter.Patcher <init>
    INFO: Added spigot dependecy
    jun 10, 2020 3:04:28 PM me.mrmaurice.converter.Patcher <init>
    IINFO: Injecting custom classes
  3. Killer123451
    Version: 1.1.4
    its not working for me still on ijnecting objects .. and still 2h waiting it and not work .. windows 10 ..
    1. MrMaurice211
      Author's Response
      Can you send me the log file? Thank you
  4. ItsPat
    Version: 1.1.4
    5 stars for the desktop background x3