BungeePerms 3.0 dev #55

a permissions plugin for BungeeCord and Spigot/Bukkit optionally

  1. wea_ondara
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    English, German, Bulgarian (any other language if you do the translation yourself)
    BungeePerms is a permissions plugin for BungeeCord. It overrides the built-in permissions system of BungeeCord so you don't need BungeeCord permissions (anymore). BungeePerms also extends the permissions system to spigot servers. You can use BungeePerms on BungeeCord only or together with your spigot servers. If you use it together you can manage all your permissions with ONE system, BungeePerms.

    Source: https://github.com/weaondara/BungeePerms
    Feature requests / bug reports: https://github.com/weaondara/BungeePerms/issues
    Wiki: https://github.com/weaondara/BungeePerms/wiki
    Dev-builds: http://ci.wea-ondara.net/job/BungeePerms
    Discord: https://discord.gg/3SsX7pm

    Important notice:

    As some people continue to have problems with permission interlinks between Bungeecord and Spigot
    please use 'MySQL2' as backend and 'MySQL' as uuidplayerdb in your configs. Thanks
    MySQL backend will be deprecated in 2.6. Please use MySQL2 backend instead. It has better performance and uses less memory.
    If you want prefixes to show up, you need a chat plugin that supports vault. Essentials chat is supported too. For bungeecord chat search for one.
    If you face severe problems or bug please post it on github (https://github.com/weaondara/BungeePerms/issues).
    Include version, log (if applicable). Thx
    You need at least a BungeeCord build #702 or higher (1.7).
    For version 2.2.0 and above a BungeeCord build #889 or higher is required.

    German (3rd party):


    - permission groups
    - extra permissions despite the groups permissions for different users
    - promote/demote functionality
    - in-game permission check (check a user's/group's permission)
    - in-game list for defined users/groups
    - complete in-game user and group management - NO MORE FILE EDIT REQUIRED
    - reload function to reload permissions from the permissions file/table
    - group inheritances
    - group ladders
    - prefixes, suffixes and group display names for each group
    - mysql support
    - per-server-and-world permissions (world perms only work with BungeePermsBukkit)
    - permissions reload on-the-fly
    - uuid support (optional)
    - regex permissions (optional)


    bungeeperms.help - help command
    bungeeperms.reload - reload command
    bungeeperms.users - for listing defined users
    bungeeperms.user.info - for showing info of a user
    bungeeperms.user.delete - for deleting a user
    bungeeperms.user.perms.add - for adding permissions to a user
    bungeeperms.user.perms.remove - for removing permissions from a user
    bungeeperms.user.perms.has - for checking permissions of a user
    bungeeperms.user.perms.list - for listing the permissions of a user
    bungeeperms.user.group.add - for adding a group to a user
    bungeeperms.user.group.remove - for removing a group from a user
    bungeeperms.user.group.set - for setting a group as the main group of a user
    bungeeperms.user.groups - for listing a user's groups
    bungeeperms.groups - for listing defined groups
    bungeeperms.group.info - for showing info of a group
    bungeeperms.group.create - for creating a group
    bungeeperms.group.delete - for deleting a group
    bungeeperms.group.inheritances.add - for adding an inheritance to a group
    bungeeperms.group.inheritances.remove - for removing an inheritance of a group
    bungeeperms.group.rank - for setting the rank to a group
    bungeeperms.group.default - for determining whether the group is a default group
    bungeeperms.group.display - for setting a display name to a group
    bungeeperms.group.prefix - for setting a prefix to a group
    bungeeperms.group.suffix - for setting a suffix to a group
    bungeeperms.group.perms.add - for adding permissions to a group
    bungeeperms.group.perms.remove - for removeing permissions from a user
    bungeeperms.group.perms.has - for checking permissions of a user
    bungeeperms.group.perms.list - for listing permissions of a user
    bungeeperms.promote - for promoting a user
    bungeeperms.demote - for demoting a user
    bungeeperms.cleanup - for cleanup
    bungeeperms.format - for formatting
    bungeeperms.backend - for showing the currently used backend or changing it
    bungeeperms.migrate - for migrating backend, uuid use and uuid-player database
    bungeeperms.uuid - for uuid command


    /bungeeperms - Welcomes you to BungeePerms
    /bungeeperms help - Shows the help
    /bungeeperms reload - Reloads the permissions
    /bungeeperms users - Lists the users (add '-c' for counting)
    /bungeeperms user <username/uuid> add <permission> [server] [world] - adds a permission to the given user
    /bungeeperms user <username/uuid> remove <permission> [server] [world] - remove a permission from the given user
    /bungeeperms user <username/uuid> has <permission> [server] [world] - checks if the given user has the given permission
    /bungeeperms user <username/uuid> list - lists the permissions of the given user
    /bungeeperms user <username/uuid> groups - lists the groups the given user is in
    /bungeeperms user <username/uuid> info - shows group, .. info
    /bungeeperms user <username/uuid> delete - deletes a user
    /bungeeperms user <username/uuid> addgroup <groupname> - add a group to a user
    /bungeeperms user <username/uuid> removegroup <groupname> - remove a group from a user
    /bungeeperms user <username/uuid> setgroup <groupname> - sets the main group for a user

    /bungeeperms groups - Lists the groups
    /bungeeperms group <groupname> add <permission> [server] [world] - adds a permission to the given group
    /bungeeperms group <groupname> remove <permission> [server] [world] - remove a permission from the given group
    /bungeeperms group <groupname> has <permission> [server] [world] - checks if the given groupname has the given permission
    /bungeeperms group <groupname> list - lists the permissions of the given group
    /bungeeperms group <groupname> info - shows info to a group
    /bungeeperms group <groupname> create - creates a new group
    /bungeeperms group <groupname> delete - deletes a group
    /bungeeperms group <groupname> addinherit <group> - adds an inheritance to a group
    /bungeeperms group <groupname> removeinherit <group> - removes an inheritance from a group
    /bungeeperms group <groupname> rank <new rank> - sets the rank for a group
    /bungeeperms group <groupname> ladder <new ladder> - sets the ladderfor a group
    /bungeeperms group <groupname> default <true|false> - determines whether the group is default
    /bungeeperms group <groupname> display <displayname> - set the displayname for the group
    /bungeeperms group <groupname> prefix <prefix> - sets the prefix for the group
    /bungeeperms group <groupname> suffix <suffix> - sets the suffix for the group

    /bungeeperms promote <username/uuid> [ladder] - promotes the given user to the next rank [in the give ladder]
    /bungeeperms demote <username/uuid> [ladder] - demotes the given user to the previous rank [in the give ladder]
    /bungeeperms format - Reformates the permission.yml or mysql table - BE CAREFUL
    /bungeeperms cleanup - Cleans up the permission.yml or mysql table - !BE VERY CAREFUL! - removes a lot of players from the permissions.yml if configured
    /bungeeperms migrate backend [yaml|mysql|mysql2] - Shows the used permissions database (file or mysql table) [or migrates to the given database] - BungeePerms needs a mysql account on your server and general table permissions
    /bungeeperms migrate useuuid [true|false] - Shows whether uuids are used for player identification [or migrates the database]
    /bungeeperms migrate uuidplayerdb [none|yaml|mysql] - Shows the used uuid-player database (none, file or mysql table) [or migrates to the given database]

    The permissions.yml

    The structure of the permissions file is not very complicated. This should be familiar for PEX (or other similar permissions plugins for bukkit/spigot) users. The basic structure should look like this:

    default: true
    inheritances: []
    - a.permission.granted.to.default
    - a. second.permission​
    rank: 1000​
    default: false
    - default​
    - bungeeperms.promote
    - bungeeperms.demote
    - bungeeperms.user.groups​
    rank: 500​
    default: false
    - default
    - mod​
    - bungeecord.command.*
    - bungeeperms.*​
    rank: 1​
    - admin​
    permissions: []​
    - default​
    - an.extra.permission.here
    - -a.permission.which.this.user.should.not.have​
    version: 1

    ---<end of permissions.yml>---

    Group nodes:

    - default: if this rank is a default rank (automatically added to user on first join)
    - inharitances: list of inharitated groups (also recursive)
    - permissions: the permissions of this group
    - rank: the lower the number the higher the rank
    - weigt: the weight of a group (used for maingroup detection); order same as rank property
    - display: the display text of a group
    - prefix: the prefix of a group
    - suffix: the suffix of a group

    User nodes:

    - groups: the groups the player is in.
    - permissions: the extra permissions of the user

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    Please update this resource more! It's been over 2 years and you finally came back to fix a broken plugin due to 1.13. thank you so much!
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    Can you update this plugin to 1.12.2 please that would be greatly appreciated it would help us out a lot. I know it probably works with 1.12 already but just knowing there will be barley any bugs for 1.12 really helps.