BungeePermsWL 2015-03-28

Whitelisting using Bungee Permissions!

  1. __kazu__
    Tired of having to manage a whitelist AND permissions? Look no further :p BungeePermsWL uses Bungee's permission system to define who can connect to BungeeCord, and who can access what servers. Setup is easy -- install the plugin, set some permissions, and enjoy!

    bungeepermswl.whitelist-- Allows player to connect to the BungeeCord server
    bungeepermswl.whitelist.SERVERNAME -- Allows player to connect to the named Spigot server

    bungeepermswl.blacklist -- Prevents a player from connecting to the BungeeCord server -- useful for temporary bans without revoking a user's group permissions
    bungeepermswl.blacklist.SERVERNAME -- Prevents a player from connecting to the named Spigot server. Useful for overriding wildcard permissions and giving tempbans.

    bungeepermswl.override -- Gives blanket access to any and all servers, useful for admins and mods and stuff

    • Configurable kick messages
    • Smarter kicking to prevent complete disconnects