BungeePlayerCounter 1.5.2 beta

Show player's count of each server in a scoreboard

  1. Fix 1.9 related bugs

    • Fix some of the bugs which appeared with 1.9.
    Pleas note that it should only help users who didn't have any problems before 1.9.
    If you already had issues with 1.8, this probably won't help.
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  2. Minor fix, configuration loading update, enhanced error messages to help debugging

    Changelog :
    • Enhanced error messages
    • Some fixes in the configuration loading, there should be no more errors regarding the pinging of the proxy. Thanks to @Tux (aka Minecrafter) for his great help with this part!
  3. 1.5 : Full rewriting, debug mode and 1.8.3 compatible

    This version may contain some bugs as BPC has been fully rewrited, as always use it at your own risk. If you find any bug please report it to improve this new version.
    Changelog :

    • Though the users will not see the difference, BPC was subjected to a full rewriting. This should allow better perfomance as well as easier debugging.
    • Debug mode added. Just do /bpc debug and it will be turned on.
    • Compatible with spigot 1.8.3
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  4. Online prefix, bungee max slots

    Only works with Spigot Build >= 1431 (SB team update)
    Changelog :
    • Now, you can also use an online prefix.
    • You can use the variable %maxplayers% in the name of the scoreboard. To use this you have to specify proxyIP.
    • You can modify the serverIndicator
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  5. Ping feature fixed

    Ping feature is fixed. Thanks to @harry5573 for his PR.
    Use for spigot build < 1431, otherwise use the newest version !
  6. Status checking, perfomance improved and bug fix

    Changelog :
    • You can check the server status (online or offline) with the manual mode (look at the doc for more info)
    • Performance improved
    • All the servers are immediately showed, no more bugs related to this !
  7. Redis support and toggle command

    Changelog :
    • Add redis support : just set the datasource to redis in the config and it works !
    • /bpc toggle command, enable to show or hide the scoreboard
  8. Bug fix serverIndicator

    Bug fix :
    when the serverIndicator was set to false, the SB doesn't show at all, it's now fixed !
  9. BPC 1.2 - Grouped player count, customizable names

    This update provides grouped player count and customizable names.
    It also add the /bpc reload command and configurable update interval.

    Bug fix:
    - patch the bug which kicks the player because a string was too long
  10. Permission, configurable server indicator and bug fix

    - permission to display the scoreboard : "bungeeplayercounter.display" default to operators
    - enable or disable the visual indicator in the config.yml
    - bug fix : when a player joins, an error message appeared in the console, now it's fixed