BungeePortals 1.1

Create portals of any material, shape and size in conjunction with WorldEdit!

  1. YoFuzzy3
    BungeePortals is a super-simple, very user-friendly and lightweight Bukkit plugin that hooks in with WorldEdit allowing you to create and remove portals with ease. These portals send you to another server that you have defined in your BungeeCord configuration file (so obviously you need BungeeCord installed).

    Put the BungeePortals.jar file into the plugins folder of your Spigot/Bukkit server. When you start/reload your server the plugin should load, make sure to have WorldEdit installed or it will fail to load correctly (check start-up for debug info). You only have to put the plugin on the servers where you will create portals, no need for it on the servers that portals go to.

    Making a selection:
    1. Get your WorldEdit selection wand using //wand.
    2. Select a cuboid selection.
    3. Make a BungeePortals selection using /bportals select <filter,list>.
    4. You can enter block ids separated by commas in the filter list, only selected blocks that are in your filter will be added to your BungeePortals selection. Simply enter 0 to not use the filter. This filter is very powerful, say you selected some stone bricks, glass and all types of wood planks, then used /bportals select 5 - all the planks would be selected; but if you used /bportals select 5:0,5:1 - only the oak and spruce planks would be selected.
    Creating portals:
    1. Make sure that you've made a BungeePortals selection.
    2. Type the command /bportals create <name> and voila, magical invisible portal blocks will be created in every block from your BungeePortals selection that will take you to the server you entered. Make sure the name is exactly what you have in your BungeeCord configuration file.
    3. Make sure to remember exactly where your portals are or you may have trouble removing them in the future.
    Removing portals:
    1. Make sure that you've made a BungeePortals selection.
    2. Type the command /bportals remove <name> and voila, all the magical invisible portal blocks that existed in your selection and matched the server you entered will be removed.
    Clearing a selection:
    1. Type /bportals clear.
    Bonus Features
    • Efficient, it reads data from a simple map stricture rather than directly from the portals.yml file. The data file will load on start-up and save on shutdown.
    • Have a save task run that will automagically save all your portals to the portals.yml file every 10 minutes just in case your server crashes after making changes.
    • BungeePortals will track the portal statuses of players. Meaning if you enter a portal to join one server, and then enter another portal to get back, you will not teleport in a loop. To use a portal you must exit it and then enter it again.
    • Deny users access to specific servers through its associated portals, see below.
    • /bportals - View the very help menu.
    • /bportals reload - Reload all files and data.
    • /bportals forcesave - Force all portals to save to the portals.yml file.
    • /bportals select <filter,list> - Create a BungeePortals selection, see usage above.
    • /bportals clear - Clear your BungeePortals selection.
    • /bportals create <server-name> - Create portals from your BungeePortals selection, see usage above.
    • /bportals remove <server-name> - Remove portals from your BungeePortals selection, see usage above.
    • BungeePortals.command.BPortals - Access to all the things done with /bportals. Default: OP.
    • BungeePortals.portal.* - Access to all servers through portals. Default: TRUE.
    • BungeePortals.portal.<name> Access to a server through all its associated portals. Default: NONE.
    Version 1.1 - Many nice additions. Check the change log.

    Version 1.0 - Initial release.


    This plugin is using Hidendra's MCStats service. This means it will report anonymous statistics to MCStats.org.


    If you appreciate my development work a donation is always much welcome and greatly appreciated!​

    Donations so far:​
    • jeff142 - 06/06/13 - $20
    • xxtreepuncherxx - 08/06/13 - $30
    • WoodyCraft - 04/09/13 - $100
    • Chalkie - 16/12/13 - $16

Recent Reviews

  1. nelson2tm
    Version: 1.1
    Love this plugin! It would be nice if we were able to create intervals at which players connect to the server. Example: If the player enters a portal, and the server is unavailable, it will wait (configurable) 10 seconds before it tries again. It does this untill the player leaves the portal or connects to the server. Now the player has to re-enter the portal to try again.
  2. jetp250
    Version: 1.1
    Great plugin :D Wondering though, is there a way to make the water stay instead of flowing and destroying my torches and bushes.. maybe there's another plugin for that.
  3. ComradGamingMC
    Version: 1.1
    Can you make it so when can do /bportal create <command> so when they go thru it it runs a command to pull up like a customGUI plz this would be great if you could add it because then i can use it more because i have 3 KitPvP server OP - HC - NORMAL and i would like to pull up the GUI when they go thru it
  4. Prince4DX
    Version: 1.1
    **Massive Bug** on deleting old portals they will stick behind after a reload Ive already confirmed this with 2 servers, even resetting the portals.yml will not resolve this issue please fix it asap!!!
  5. noammiz007
    Version: 1.1
    how to set the material to the gate?
  6. AbsintoJ
    Version: 1.1
  7. Sniper
    Version: 1.1
    Now this plugin is worth more then a thousand words. Will you be adding more worldedit selection types?
  8. Briboy
    Version: 1.1
    This is an amazing plugin for Spigot Servers' that use Bungee and its setup is great!
  9. stormjez
    Version: 1.1
    This Review doesnt need any word. The stars talk for me. Great.
  10. MrBlunt
    Version: 1.1
    Spigot 1.8.7 - Thank you.