BungeeReporter 9.0

bungee report hackers

  1. alvaromw
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    alvaromw nexious

    This plugin adds the command /report. This plugin has the functionality to report players who do not comply with the rules or hacks

    Sorry for my bad English I'm Spanish

    If you already installed it deletes the configuration to generate the new
    If you already installed it deletes the table in database to generate the new

    MySQL Database

    - Download the .jar
    - Put .jar in plugins folder
    - Setup BungeeCord perms
    - Configure database and plugin settings
    - Restart BungeeCord
    - DONE!


    - breporter.admin to use click on server name
    - breporter.notify to notify report a player

    - /report <player> <reason>
    - /reportstaff

    - 100% RE-CODED.
    - If you click on the name of the server that comes out in the report you will be teleported to that server, provided you have the permission: breporter.admin.
    - You can edit the format of the messages in the configuration.​

    Twitter: http://twitter.com/alvaromw

    To report the BUGS MD me.

    Thanks to all.​
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Recent Reviews

  1. StormyIceLeopard
    Version: 9.0
    It's a nice plugin, but it is missing a VERY crucial feature:
    The ability to do a command like /reports to get a list of reports in-game.
    And more commands to close/dismiss reports and maybe even an in-progress command.
  2. lucadelc
    Version: 9.0
    Awesome plugin! Do what it says to do!..........................................
    1. alvaromw
  3. CCCCarsten
    Version: 8.6
    Currently the plugin is not suitable:
    1.) MySQL: SSL is not supported. However, this is absolutely necessary according to the latest legislation.
    2.) A team member must be online to see a report that has just been created.
    3.) There is no possibility to query reports at any time ("/ reports")
    4.) No team member knows who is currently working on which report. This must first be asked awkward.
    5.) The status is missing: Open, in progress by ..., closed.
    6.) Not all messages of the plugin are translatable. This creates an English-Spanish-German mixture.
    7.) etc.
    1. alvaromw
      Author's Response
      Good morning and thank you for your message.
      - SSL is being added for the next version
      - The / reports command will be available in the next version
      - The status of the report will also be visible within the server
      - It will also be possible to see if someone is reviewing that report
      - The status of the report will be available
      - All messages will be translatable
      - There should not be any member of the staff online to see the reports
      - You will not need the web plugin if you do not want

      In the 9.0 update all this will be available, if you need something else just ask for it. Thank you!
  4. ragnakungtv
    Version: 8.5B
    Quiero que el complemento se vincule con Mysql. Admite UTF-8.

    Thank You Plugin good
    1. alvaromw
      Author's Response
      Ya vincula con MYSQL
  5. Zendovo
    Version: 8.5B
    Hello there,

    First off great plugin!

    But /reports or /reportlist is really needed at the moment...

    Using the web addon for viewing is not bad but it needs more setup which is obviously not that hard to do. But honestly managing the reports in-game is much easier!

    Another suggestion is that it should have a gui for checking the reports.

    ***Please do not add a gui for reporting someone as it is not that accurate and specially if you want to use the plugin for both reporting hackers/cheaters and bugs/glitches.***

    I hope you take these suggestion into consideration.

    Not too important:
    I read a review on your web addon... and it said that the MySQL is not secure if you can clarify that it would make me feel better and get me convinced to use web addon as I am concerned about the security.

    Thanks for making the plugin!

    -Deepest Regards
    1. alvaromw
      Author's Response
      The plugin web plugin is developed by two developers and one of them specialized in computer security. It's secure
  6. Mathias1292i
    Version: 8.5B
    Pls add the command /Reports
    1. alvaromw
      Author's Response
      Next update!
  7. Zodiak07
    Version: 8.5B
    How about a command to list all reports?
    Or a command to delete reports which is already processed?
    Just some ideas I have for the plugin.
  8. michal12sk
    Version: 8.5B
    Great, easy and useful plugin but please add more message customization. So i could change the prefix and server which it was reported on.
  9. Supermann77YT
    Version: 8.2B
    Bitte adde noch einen /reports befehl für die Moderatoren und bitte ein Cooldown einbauen.
    Du bekommst 4 Sterne ^^
    1. alvaromw
      Author's Response
      Im nächsten Update wird der Befehl / breports und die Fähigkeit zur Verfügung, die Zeit einzustellen

      Sorry, wenn du mich nicht verstehen, ich bin Spanisch: D
  10. Philipp
    Version: 7.1
    Muy Buen plugin!
    Que plugin vas a hacer ahora? :3
    1. alvaromw
      Author's Response
      Agregame a skype: alvaromw