BungeeSigns 2.0

{TeleportSigns} Teleport between Servers over nice signs, with cool effects. [DEMO]

  1. Tried to fix some bugs

    Tried to fix some bugs with the event and the lines in sign creation.
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  2. 1.14 Compatibility

    1.14 Compatibility
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  3. Fixed bug with local server identification

    The plugin decided a server to be local only by its port and not port and address which caused remote servers on the same port to be falsely identified as a local server.
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  4. Compatibility for 1.13

    Compatibility for 1.13
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  5. Fixed and changed Error message for signs which could not be loaded

    Now the error only appears once and also prints out the stack trace.
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  6. Added bStats

  7. Fixed SLPE implementation, added configurable interaction system

    - SLPE implementation was unnecessary and removed.
    - Now interaction can be configured:

    Code (Text):
    teleport-mouse: both
    teleport-sneak: ignore
    Possible for mouse: left | right | both (ignore if left or right)
    Possible for sneak: true (player must sneak) | false (player must not sneak) | ignore (don't care if player sneaks)
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  8. Added more socket options

    Added more socket options
  9. Update for 1.12 (#test)

    Update for 1.12 (#test)
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  10. Debug to check 1.11.2 compatibility

    Debug to check 1.11.2 compatibility
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