bungeestaffchat 1.5.5 (updated)

talk wih your staffmembers between servers

  1. bug fixes en other things

    hello i added one command and that is /act. or /actoggle. and that is admin chat. and one big bug fixed and that one is. you can't firstly talk in chat but now you can!
  2. double names fix in helpopmsg

    i fixed the double names in helpopmsg
  3. bug fixes

    hello the bug of the sctoggle is fixed:
  4. bug fixes

    i hope that the /sct or /sctoggle channel bug is fixed
    the bug was that you only saw your own message.
  5. helpop command added and permission bug fixed

    i fixed one permission bug: the sc.* bug.
    and i added 2 command /helpop and /helpopmsg
    added permissions: sc.helpop.msg and sc.helpop.use and sc.helpop.receive
  6. permissions fixed (again)

    i have now all of the permissions fixed
  7. permissions fixed

    i fixed the sc.* permission.
    and also changed the staffchat.use permission to sc.use
  8. bungeecord version updated

    bungeecord version is now updated to the newest version
  9. bungeecord version updated

    bungeecord version updated to the newest version
  10. commands in the staffchat channel fixed

    you don't need to get out of the staffchat anymore to use commands
    i got it fixed