BungeeStaffSlapped 2.0

Chat with Staff cross server.

  1. Slappy
    How to install?
    1. Download the jar file and copy it to your proxy's plugin folder.
    2. Restart your proxy server and let the bungeecord generate the config.yml
    3. Open the config.yml and edit it how you want it.
    4. Save the configuration and restart BungeeCord (or reload the plugin with /screload). StaffChat is now ready for use!
      Note: You need to restart your bungeecord proxy to have other command names. This things requires a restart and won't work on a reload.
    • Talk to other staffmembers through your network.
    • Toggle the chat so you don't need to use the command over again.
    • Reload the configuration using our simple command.
    • Change the chatlayout and/or the command names in our configuration. Also the're even more settings to make this plugin more perfect for your network!
    • Configurate a shortcut so you don't need to write the command over again but just use a simple character before your message.
    • Enable priority mode so you can only staffchat with "higher" staffmembers like admins and owners.
    • See a message if there is a newer version available.
    • More features coming each version. I try to keep the plugin up-to-date for each Minecraft version.
    Commands & Permissions:

    /sc staffchat.use
    /sctoggle Warning: You need the node staffchat.* or staffchat.use before it works!
    /screload staffchat.reload
    /scdisable staffchat.disable
    /scpriority staffchat.priority
    /scinfo staffchat.info

    You can also use shortcuts for your messages, please give your staff the permission staffchat.shortcut or staffchat.* before shortcuts work.

    If you want staff that can only SEE staffmessages, simple give them the permission staffchat.receive.


Recent Updates

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Recent Reviews

  1. dori99xd
    Version: 2.0
    "Could not load plugin from file plugins\BungeeStaffChat-V2.jar
    java.lang.NullPointerException: Plugin must have a plugin.yml or bungee.yml" - Fix it!
    1. Slappy
      Author's Response
      Will be done once I have time