BungeeStopCmd 1.0

Wish you could type "stop" on your bungee to stop it?

  1. Fayettemat
    Why would I want this?
    I'm willing to bet you, or someone you know, have typed "stop" instead of "end" when using BungeeCord, right? Well, this plugins whole reason for being is simply to fix that!

    Why did you make this?
    I was one of those people who would occasionally make the above mistake and type "stop" instead of "end" into the BungeeCord console and then feel stupid about it. This simply fixes my issue by allowing that to work as well.

    Can I run stop on my Spigot/Bukkit still?
    Yes! That being said, this will not allow players in game to issue the "stop" command for the proxy itself, however, "end" still works. Sadly, there doesn't seem to be a way around that.

    Will you add the ability to change the command?
    This is planned, but I don't have an ETA, as I'm currently busy trying to get NovaBungeeAnnouncer's changes (update with new features) finished.

    Please make snapshots and open source the project?
    This is planned, however, won't happen immediately, sorry.

    Anything else?
    Only that you please let me know if you have any questions, issues, or suggestions in the discussion thread.