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  1. Luke199
    Module: bungeeSuite Homes

    This plugin is part of BungeeSuite. It handles player homes and allows servers to control what players can and can't do. There is also import support from essentials

    BungeeSuite is the core library for the different modules that are available for download and use by the SpigotMc community. With the core being located on the BungeeCord proxy and this module (BungeeSuite Homes) being placed onto the Spigot servers there are features added which are explained below.

    • Set homes across servers
    • Per server home allowance control
    • Per proxy home allowance control
    • Order homes by server when listed
    • BungeeSuite Core setup on the Proxy
    1. Place BungeeSuite Homes into your Spigot server plugins folder
    2. Start and then stop the Spigot server
    3. Provide the appropriate permissions for the players
    4. Installation is complete
    • How do I limit the amount of homes a player can have on a certain server?
    To limit the amount of homes a player has access to on a specific server you will need to give your players the bungeesuite.homes.limits.server.<number> where <number> is the limit you would like your players to have.
    • How do I limit the amount of homes a player can have over the whole proxy?
    By using the bungeesuite.homes.global.<number> where <number> is the amount of homes you would like your players to have access to.
    • What permissions should I give my players?
    For my server I have given my players the
    - bungeesuite.user
    - bungeesuite.homes.limits.global.*
    - bungeesuite.homes.limits.server.2
    This gives my players access to all of the commands needed. The limit permissions allow for the players to have only 2 homes per server on all my servers with an unlimited amount over the whole proxy.

    Commands and Permissions
    • Sethome
      • Desc: Sets the home location of a player
      • Usage: /sethome (home)
      • Permission: bungeeSuite.homes.commands.sethome
    • Delhome
      • Desc: Delete a home location of a player
      • Usage: /Delhome (home)
      • Permission: bungeeSuite.homes.commands.delhome
    • Home
      • Desc: Teleports a player to a home location
      • Usage: /home (home)
      • Permission: bungeeSuite.homes.commands.home
    • Homes
      • Desc: List the homes of a player
      • Usage: /homes
      • Permission: bungeeSuite.homes.commands.homes
    • Importhomes
      • Desc: Import homes from essentials homes data
      • Usage: /importhomes
      • Permission: bungeeSuite.homes.commands.importhomes

    • bungeeSuite.homes.*:
      • description: Gives access to all home commands
      • default: op
      • Children:
        • bungeeSuite.homes.admin: true

    • bungeeSuite.homes.admin:
      • description: Gives access to all bungeeSuite homes commands
      • Children:
        • bungeeSuite.homes.commands.importhomes: true
        • bungeeSuite.homes.user: true

    • bungeeSuite.homes.user:
      • description: Gives access to all bungeeSuite homes user commands
      • Children:
        • bungeeSuite.homes.commands.sethome: true
        • bungeeSuite.homes.commands.delhome: true
        • bungeeSuite.homes.commands.homes: true
        • bungeeSuite.homes.commands.home: true
    • bungeeSuite.homes.limits.*:
      • decription: Gives maximum home limits for both global and server
      • Children:
        • bungeeSuite.homes.limits.server.*: true
        • bungeeSuite.homes.limits.global.*: true

    • bungeeSuite.homes.limits.server.*:
      • description: Gives maximum homes allowed for each server
      • Children:
        • bungeeSuite.homes.limits.server.<number of allowed homes>: true

    • bungeeSuite.homes.limits.global.*:
      • description: Gives maximum homes allowed for the whole proxy
      • Children:
        • bungeeSuite.homes.limits.global.<number of allowed homes>: true

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