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  1. BungeeSuite Homes - Version 2 Release


    Hello all,

    Over the past few weeks I have been in the works of updating BungeeSuite! It has now come to the time of releasing it with a stable and running version, I have spent multiple hours testing and everything appears to be working great.

    I understand it has been months going onto years without an update, this was due to the time constraint I had with personal work and hobbies I were doing. Now that I have a new interest in the game itself and development again I aim to stick around! Adding new features and squashing those bugs.

    I thank you for the continued support, this release has just been for the update to more stable server versions.

    For the request and logging of features please see the GitHub page I have setup for BungeeSuite. Linked here you will be able to submit bug and feature requests, it also allows for better tracking and logging of things that need improvement or work.

    Once again, I aim to return BungeeSuite to its once useful self!
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