BungeeSuite Homes BungeeSuite Homes v2.2b

Set homes cross server! /home /sethome /delhome

  1. BungeeSuite Homes - Version 2 Release


    Hello all,

    Over the past few weeks I have been in the works of updating BungeeSuite! It has now come to the time of releasing it with a stable and running version, I have spent multiple hours testing and everything appears to be working great.

    I understand it has been months going onto years without an update, this was due to the time constraint I had with personal work and hobbies I were doing. Now that I have a new interest in...
  2. BungeeSuiteHomes Build#6

    1. Added build version to plugin.yml
    2. Added support for /bsversion
  3. BungeeSuiteHomes v0.5

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  4. BungeeSuiteHomes v0.11

    BungeeSuiteHomes v0.11
    • Few general bug fixes