BungeeSuite Teleporter REWORK 0.1

Teleport Player / Yourself over your whole BungeeCord

  1. Update 0.1 | Renamed plugin channel names, New teleport timer

    UPDATE v0.1

    • [+] Renamed the plugin channel names, because they were too long for older spigot versions
    • [+] Added new teleport timer. The teleport timer sets the time the player needs to wait, until he will get teleported (in seconds). To change the duration open the teleport.yml...
  2. MC 1.13 Update

    MC 1.13 Update

    This plugin is the 1.13 update for the BungeeSuite Teleporter module. Thanks to MartyHR, which supported me with a donation!

    This plugin is just a update for the old BungeeSuite which no longer works in the new MineCraft versions. The original author is Luke199.

    You also need the new version of the BungeeSuite:
  3. Bug Fixes

    Bug Fixes