BungeeTabListPlus 2.8.9

Allows to completly customize the tablist

  1. CodeCrafter47
    columns.png sameserver.png 2014-05-09_13.29.58.png 2014-05-09_13.32.46.png
    - custom text
    - bring back global tablist in 1.8
    - configurable heads
    - header/footer on tablist
    - group players by server
    - different tablist for different servers/players
    - color codes
    - support for vanishNoPackets
    - prefixes and suffixes from bungeeperms or vault
    - many useful variables
    - flexible config allows for many different designs
    - good support
    - ... there's nearly everything you can imagine
    This plugin requires Java 8
    Simply put `BungeeTabListPlus.jar` in bungee's plugins Folder. After that restart the server once, then edit the config, then restart it a second time.
    Also packaged withing the zip is a second file, called `BungeeTabListPlus_BukkitBridge.jar` - you can optionally install this on your bukkit/spigot. If you install it, BungeeTabListPlus will have access to bukkit permissions, factions information, vanishNoPackets, and some other.
    Thanks to @Maximiliano for making this video.
    Here you find all information on how to configuring the plugin:
    /BungeeTabListPlus reload - reloads most parts of the config, requires bungeetablistplus.admin
    /BungeeTabListPlus hide [on|off] - hides you from the tablist, requires bungeetablistplus.hide
    Source Code:
    The source code is available on github:
    Development Builds:
    You can find dev-builds on my jenkins. They are not tested and may contain not fully implemented or broken features. Use at your own risk.
    If you find any bugs feel free to tell me so I can fix them.
    If you have a github account consider creating an issue.
    This plugin uses Metrics to collect anonymous stats. You can find more Information at http://mcstats.org/plugin/BungeeTabListPlus.​

    Please don't use reviews to report bugs.
    Giving a bad review doesn't motivate me to fix your issue. You can use the discussion thread to report an issue, you can create an issue on Github or you can PM me. That way your issue will be fixed as soon as possible.
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Recent Updates

  1. Small update
  2. fix black player name tags
  3. 1.13 support

Recent Reviews

  1. brainy_smurf
    Version: 2.8.9
    I love your steady improvements over the years. This is really very slick. Thanks!
  2. DogonMC
    Version: 2.8.9
    Good bungee plugin! BungeeTablistPlus is very handy and useful for a clear and good playerlist!
  3. Jonttu1237
    Version: 2.8.9
    gamemode 3 showing random players and also command suggestion shows "BTLP Slot 1-50".....
  4. cup_wine
    Version: 2.8.8
    I like this plugins best! Can i share it to the China Biggst MCBBS?www.mcbbs.net
    1. CodeCrafter47
      Author's Response
      I personally don't like these kind of plugin sharing websites. I think people should get the latest version of the plugin from its original source, because that's safe and up-to-date.
      However sharing is great so if you feel like it, go ahead.
  5. Elguerrero
    Version: 2.8.6
    You have a network?
    You want a plugin of tablist customized for that?
    Use that! NOT is other, is THE BEST plugin of tablist for networks!


    Features: 10/10 have so much features
    Developer and support 10/10 The developer is so much active and help so much.
    Wiki: 6/10 Can have more information and be best but is good.
  6. victoret7
    Version: 2.8.6
    The thing i don't understand about this plugin is the lack of Youtube Tutorials. This plugin works like a charm and has a lot of features, I lost my mind setting this plugin because of the infinite amount of posibilities. The only real problem i think this plugin has is the wiki, but don't missunderstand me, it has a lot of in-deep tweaks of the plugin and they are well explained but i think it could have a lot more examples of tablists, examples of some code are hard to understand and it makes you to put a lot of time on this plugin, but the time is rewarded by the result of the tablist.

    Features: 5/5 A ton, more than you will need probably
    Developer: 5/5 Active and helpful
    Wiki (Optional): 3.5/5 The wiki is a nice addon and helps you to setup but i miss more indeep tablists examples and further explained features.
    Price: N/A

    This plugin could be premium easily and offers a ton of features, so if you're able to you should consider donating something to this plugin.
  7. Marcobohl
    Version: 2.8.5

    good plugin
    goog job
  8. MaxIstderBoss
    Version: 2.8.5
    For bungeecord it is a horny plugin. However, I use a spigot server so my question could you make such a tablist synonymous for a spigot server?
    sorry for my bad English
    1. CodeCrafter47
      Author's Response
      I'm working on that. PM me if you want to help test it.
  9. AstetYne
    Version: 2.8.4
    Excelent plugin, easy set up. But one of my servers is Forge with Sponge with SpongeBridge installed and I cant see prefixes and name color in TAB, I have set up the bungee config with placeholders. Can by problem somewhere in SpongeBridge? I am using 7.1.0 and Bridge is designed for 5.0.0, is there any newer version? Thanks.
    1. CodeCrafter47
      Author's Response
      The bridge should work fine with your version of Sponge. I might be able to help you if you share your config.
  10. AppleCraft12345
    Version: 2.8.4
    The best TabList plugin you can get for Bungee.
    There are multiple reasons why I say that:
    * I'm using this plugin for 2 years now, and it never made any problems, errors or anything like that
    * SO MANY PLACEHOLDERS AND OPTIONS! There is pretty much no other plugin that have possibilities like this one. Also, making custom placeholders is possible and really useful feature!
    * Awesome support - Author answered my questions in less than 2 days. Even premium plugins don't have support like that
    * DevBuilds - I always like to see things like that. With DevBuilds, this plugins was always able to run on the newest possible Minecraft versions