BungeeTabListPlus 3.4.4

Customize your tab list

  1. CodeCrafter47
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    • Custom slots with configurable text, icon and ping.
    • Global tab list.
    • Different layout options: group players by server, display staff separately, use a tab list of fixed or dynamic size depending on your needs.
    • Display a different tab lists depending on various conditions, e.g. for a specific server or players with a specific permission.
    • Out-of-the-Box support for many popular vanish plugins.
    • Support for PlaceholderAPI.
    • ... and much more.
    Installation and Configuration
    You can find detailed instructions for installing and configuring the plugin on the wiki:
    Tutorial Video by @LuxLacis/ server.pro

    Tutorial Video (Russian) by @DarkSumrak

    This plugin uses Metrics to collect anonymous stats. You can find more Information at https://bstats.org/plugin/bungeecord/BungeeTabListPlus/4332.​

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    Giving a bad review doesn't motivate me to fix your issue. You can use the discussion thread to report an issue, you can create an issue on Github or you can PM me. That way your issue will be fixed as soon as possible.

Recent Reviews

  1. andrewkm
    Version: 3.4.4
    Great developer and a rock solid code base with BungeeTabListPlus. Couldn't be happier with the sheer amount of optimization one can do. An absolutely must have plugin for any server / network!
  2. xiongliu
    Version: 3.4.4
    Awesome plugin! Never had any issues with it whatsoever. Amazing Developer. keep at it!
  3. Eternumex
    Version: 3.4.4
    Really good developed plugin, Easy to use, a lot of information in the wiki and a lot of example tablists, excellent support that answers really fast. No more to ask for! :)
    Version: 3.4.3
    Very very very awesome plugin for TABLISTs! Configuration isnt too hard! Greater plugin don't exists!
  5. Syphent
    Version: 3.4.3
    Yoo it is the BEST PLUGIN FOR TABLIST I RECOMMEND IT 100%. The only bad thing is that if you don't use bungeecord you can't use it. FIVE STARS
  6. jennlovee
    Version: 3.4.3
    Amazing plugin! It looks very nice and also has a wonderful support 10/10
    Hopefully all plugins had such a friendly group of staff!
  7. REjoin
    Version: 3.4.3
    Very awesome tablist plugin for networks, works very well even on waterfall. Docs are also clean and structured, great plugin!
  8. RedstoneFuture
    Version: 3.4.2
    It's still the best tablist system as I know. It works very good and comes on with an amount of features to design (and animate) your tablist. Thank you.
  9. catman1278
    Version: 3.4.2
    I love it, however, if a player is in vanish you can still see them on the tab list. Does anyone know of a way to stop this from happening
    1. CodeCrafter47
  10. Maliin
    Version: 3.4.2
    A great plugin with alot of features! The wiki pages helped me getting through so I could make the tablist just how I imagined it. The author is also giving out new features and updates frequently, and gives quick support. I love this plugin!