BungeeTabListPlus 2.8.11

Customize your tab list

  1. CodeCrafter47
    currentserver.png default-config.gif dynamic-size-config.png multiple-columns-config.png separate-admin-list-config.png table-demo-config.png columns.png sameserver.png
    - custom text
    - bring back global tablist in 1.8
    - configurable heads
    - header/footer on tablist
    - group players by server
    - different tablist for different servers/players
    - color codes
    - support for vanishNoPackets
    - prefixes and suffixes from bungeeperms or vault
    - many useful variables
    - flexible config allows for many different designs
    - good support
    - ... there's nearly everything you can imagine
    Tutorial Video by @LuxLacis/ server.pro

    This plugin requires Java 8
    Simply put `BungeeTabListPlus.jar` in bungee's plugins Folder. After that restart the server once, then edit the config, then restart it a second time.
    Also packaged withing the zip is a second file, called `BungeeTabListPlus_BukkitBridge.jar` - you can optionally install this on your bukkit/spigot. If you install it, BungeeTabListPlus will have access to bukkit permissions, factions information, vanishNoPackets, and some other.
    Here you find all information on how to configuring the plugin:
    /BungeeTabListPlus reload - reloads most parts of the config, requires bungeetablistplus.admin
    /BungeeTabListPlus hide [on|off] - hides you from the tablist, requires bungeetablistplus.hide
    Source Code
    The source code is available on github:
    Development Builds
    You can find dev-builds on my jenkins. They are not tested and may contain not fully implemented or broken features. Use at your own risk.
    If you find any bugs feel free to tell me so I can fix them.
    If you have a github account consider creating an issue.
    This plugin uses Metrics to collect anonymous stats. You can find more Information at http://mcstats.org/plugin/BungeeTabListPlus.​

    Please don't use reviews to report bugs.
    Giving a bad review doesn't motivate me to fix your issue. You can use the discussion thread to report an issue, you can create an issue on Github or you can PM me. That way your issue will be fixed as soon as possible.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Kshitij
    Version: 2.8.11
    Excellent plugin! Thanks for the creation of this wonderful plugin! Great Job! :)
  2. larssieboy18
    Version: 2.8.11
    This is an amazing plugin! Haven't run into any issues and it does what it's supposed to do. Extremely configurable, which makes it even better
  3. PequenineGameZ
    Version: 2.8.11
    Excelente plugin , si tuviera que pagar por adquirirlo, sin duda lo harĂ­a ;)

    Super completo
  4. Warak
    Version: 2.8.11
    This is the best one of BungeeCord Tab list plugin. Best design, Best performance. simple and nice.
  5. Fighter2000
    Version: 2.8.11
    The best bungeecord tablist on the spigot! The developer helpful and friendly! I highly recommended it!
  6. __Octo__
    Version: 2.8.10
    Absolutely phenomenal plugin! However, when auto completing names in 1.14.2, Bungeecord ver. #1414. There are 59 names saying "~BTLP SLOT {Number}". The tab list looks fine though. If I could have some help fixing this issue it would be greatly appreciated!
    1. CodeCrafter47
  7. GamingCraft_hd
    Version: 2.8.10
    Amazing Plugin! But please add a auto-updater! that would be amazing!

  8. Tufan
    Version: 2.8.10
    Why is this not a premium plugin? Greatest tablist plugin out here. 10/10 would download again
  9. kratess
    Version: 2.8.10
    Good plugin and a nice developer that helped me with a bug. Recommend............
  10. oYuh
    Version: 2.8.10
    I have a small inconvenienc, if someone could please help me. There is a tablist but it says "BTLP Slot *Numbe*"
    1. CodeCrafter47
      Author's Response
      That's a bug. If you run a modded client -> don't use this plugin. If you're not using any mods, please tell me which versions of BungeeCord, Spigot and Minecraft you're using and I'll try to fix the issue.