BungeeTabListPlus 3.4.4

Customize your tab list

  1. Update for 1.17

    This update fixes a couple of issues when running the plugin on Minecraft 1.17.
  2. RGB Color Animations | Custom Player Order | Progress Bars

  3. bug fix

    Fixed the version number in the jar - so the plugin won't claim there an update to be available when there isn't.
  4. bug fix

    This update fixes a memory leak affecting versions 3.0.0 to 3.3.2 of the plugin.
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  5. bug fix

    fix compatibility with hex color codes of the form &x&r&r&g&g&b&b used by other plugins.
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  6. Bug fix

    This update fixes an issue with 1.16.1 BungeeCord.
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  7. 1.16 | 24Bit RGB Colors | Different Fonts | Merge Servers | and more

    This update adds ...
    • ... 24 Bit RGB colors. Just use [color=#RRGGBB] anywhere in your text (1.16 only). rgb-colors.png
    • ... the ability to use different fonts by using [font=<name>] anywhere you want. The following image shows the fonts provided by minecraft. You can add your own fonts using a resource pack (1.16 only). fonts.png
    • ... a mergeServers option to the !players_by_server...
  8. Randomized Animations, Text Transformations and more

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  9. Spectator Mode | Aliases | ProtocolVanish | Nucleus Placeholders | Discord

    • We have a discord for support: https://discord.gg/qYX5AyJ.
    • Added an option to disable the custom tab list for players in spectator mode. As a result those players will see the vanilla tab list of the server. If you do not use this option players in spectator mode will see the fake players created by BungeeTabListPlus in the teleport menu.
      The option is disableCustomTabListForSpectators, can be found in config.yml and is enabled...
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  10. Better Player Sorting | Simpler Animations | More Understandable Error Messages

    This update is a major rewrite of the plugin. Large parts of the code have been redesigned to fix various longstanding bugs and to allow faster updates in the future. Along with this several new features have been introduced.

    New Features:
    • !animated is now available as custom placeholder, making animations easier.
    • The way player sorting works has been redesigned. It is now possible to use any of the available placeholder to sort players. Have a...