BungeeUtilisals 228

BungeeUtilisals provides alot of usefull features for your BungeeCord. Come and take a look at them!

  1. didjee2
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    Source Code:
    This plugin is currently being recoded, you can get a BETA version from our api.


    This current build of BungeeUtilisals is not receiving any support. A recoded version is about to be released.

    Create an issue on GitHub (https://github.com/didjee2/BungeeUtilisals/issues)!*

    * Creating a PM is also possible, but creating an issue on Github is more preferable!

    BungeeUtilisals is providing alot of features, from basic BungeeCord commands, to nice & usefull extra's.
    BungeeUtilisals has custom commands, like a custom Alert, GList, Find, ... command, with tons of configurable messages. It also provides a big Chatmanager wich contains an Anti AD, AntiSpam, AntiCaps, Chatlock & many more. The GList can calculate the player amount and player name that are on a server & we have a friend system, all in one free bungeecord plugin!

    BungeeUtilisals is now open source! It's not allowed to use parts of the code without my permission. You are always allowed to modify the code for your own server! And please don't remove Metrics, it's very usefull to know how many servers using my plugin. PM me with any questions.
    The source can be found here!

    More screenshots to come.


    All the BungeeUtilisals commands should be listed below, tell me if I forgot one ;). Feel free to request a new command in the Discussion or in a PM.
    • /alert (Message)
    • /butilisals (reload/lock)
    • /find
    • /glist
    • /server
    • /vote
    • /rules
    • /staffchat
    • /clearchat local/global
    • /bigalert (message) | /bigalert config (String)
    • /party
      => Use /party help for some more help about this :).
    • /store
    • /ban (player) (reason)
    • /banip (player/ip) (reason)
    • /tempban (player) (time) (reason)
      => The time units that can be used are: s, m, d, w, mo, y. (Like 3m will tempban a player for 3 minutes).
    • /kick (player) (reason)
    • /binfo (player) | /baninfo (player)
    • /mute (player) (reason)
    • /tempmute (player) (time) (reason)
      => The time units that can be used are: s, m, d, w, mo, y. (Like 3m will tempmute a player for 3 minutes).
    • /warn (player) (reason)
    • /unban (player)
    • /unmute (player)
    • /glag => Gives the current proxy TPS & memory stats. (Aliases: gtps, btps, bgc).
    • /gmsg => MSG in your bungeecord.
    • /greply => To reply on a msg.
    • /gspy => To watch the PM's of the other people.
    • /lspy => CommandSpy. lspy stands for Localspy.
    • /grank (name) (GUEST/STAFF) => Command to set someone to guest or staff.
    These permissions will also work if you add them in Bukkit IF you set Bukkit-Permissions to true in the config!​
    • butilisals.admin => For /butilisals
      => For /butilisals reload
      => And for /butilisals lock​
    • butilisals.alert => For /alert​
    • butilisals.find => For /find​
    • butilisals.glist => For /glist​
    • butilisals.server => For /server​
    • butilisals.talkinlock => Ability to talk in ChatLock​
    • butilisals.caps.bypass => Ability to bypass Caps Limit​
    • butilisals.antiad.bypass => Ability to bypass AntiAD​
    • butilisals.vote => For /vote​
    • butilisals.rules => For /rules​
    • butilisals.hub => For /hub​
    • butilisals.notify => For the Update Checker​
    • butilisals.staffchat => For /staffchat​
    • butilisals.clearchat => For /clearchat​
    • butilisals.bigalert => For /bigalert.
    • butilisals.party => For /party and the subcommands of it
    • butilisals.store => For /store
    • butilisals.ban => For /ban
    • butilisals.banip => For /banip
    • butilisals.tempban => For /tempban
    • butilisals.kick => For /kick
    • butilisals.baninfo => For /baninfo
    • butilisals.mute => For /mute
    • butilisals.tempmute => For /tempmute
    • butilisals.warn => For /warn
    • butilisals.unban => For /unban
    • butilisals.unmute => For /unmute
    • butilisals.glag => For /gtps
    • butilisals.msg => For /gmsg
    • butilisals.reply => For /greply
    • butilisals.gspy => For /gspy
    • butilisals.localspy => For /lspy
    • butilisals.chat => For /chat lock
    • butilisals.grank => For /grank
    • Download BungeeUtilisals and BungeeYAML (Can be downloaded Here)
    • Upload BungeeUtilisals and BungeeYAML in your Plugins Folder
    • Remove the Alert, Find, Server and Glist Module from your Modules Folder! (cmd_alert, cmd_find, cmd_server and cmd_list)
    • Remove those modules from the modules.yml file.
    • Restart your BungeeCord Server
    • Edit the Config
    • Restart again or use /butilisals reload
    • Note that you will need to Enable MySQL to get the bans.yml, reports.yml & friends.yml generated. If you disable MySQL, those systems won't be enabled.
    • If you want to use Bukkit Permissions, upload the plugin in BungeeCord AND in Bukkit!


    Searching a quick way to get support? Join our Discord where we'll be happy to help!


    And please note this, DO NOT post a review if you didn't read the page ... . Alot of reviews can be fixed by just reading this page ...

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Recent Reviews

  1. BrunoAvixdubSB
    Version: 228
    please add suport with Sqlite for bungeecord for use plugin .
    1. didjee2
      Author's Response
      I am currently working on a recode, which will support multiple data storages. (PostGreSQL, MySQL, SQLite & MongoDB are the ones I have supported in the recode at the moment)
  2. SkyAcer009
    Version: 228
    Excellent plugin, only if you fix /vote and make the ban system work without MySQL, using the plugin's local storage instead (make it optional) also make the tab.yml editable, like adding empty lines, etc...
    Not just 2 configurable indexes.
  3. undersquire
    Version: 226
    nice plugin bro this really is good and is on my server! ONE QUESTION: when someone uses /vote, it kicks them. Is this a known bug? Otherwise nice. plz help with /vote thou
    1. didjee2
      Author's Response
      You probably get an error in your console if you do that, can you send that error to me?
      Also send me which version of BungeeCord you use and in what version of MC you get kicked.
  4. GamerDuck123
    Version: 226
    Great plugin! But I believe there is a kind of game breaking glitch! Whenever I do /vote I get kicked! Please fix this I am running a 1.11.2 Bungee Cord server if that helps fix this!
    1. didjee2
      Author's Response
      Even though I recommend latest BungeeCord version, it's weird that this happens.
      Is there an error in your console when you do the command?
      What version do you play on?
      PM me with it.
  5. det483
    Version: 226
    Great and fast support & a friendly developer. It is a very nice plugin and it works like expected. Highly customizable and a must-have.
    1. didjee2
      Author's Response
      Thanks :)
  6. xSp3ctro
    Version: 226

    The plugin is having some terrible failures, please can fix it, I have tested it in my 2 bungeecords and it gives me the same error, I flood the console of the BungeeCord always. "Can not connect to MySql" and the best thing is that I have no MySQL that can connect. Supposedly it is plugin error.

    A cordial greeting.

    Proof here > https://gyazo.com/648c4f6c55c5521a8e8962d1e4572cb2
    1. didjee2
      Author's Response
      If you have no mysql to connect to, I would suggest to put mysql to disabled.

      Or do you also have the error if mysql is disabled?
      PM me with that info + your config.
  7. Ver_Elite
    Version: 226
    Nice plugin dieter!, i believe this is cool plugin i know and i hope you keep updating the plugin until you will stop.
    1. didjee2
      Author's Response
      Well thank you Ver_Elite :)
  8. BenRulez
    Version: 225
    This plugin is great, however it doesnt work with the friends features or admin chat, everything else works fine but would be great if you could fix those 2 issues
  9. Devid_0
    Version: 225
    1. didjee2
      Author's Response
      I'll release an update (Build 226) later on tonight, which will most likely fix this error.
      Thanks for reporting!
      Please report errors, bugs or issues on Github or in the discussion thread next time please.
      Thanks in advance.
  10. iEnderOG
    Version: 221
    Great plugin! But I am a little confused in which server your supposed to put this on Bungee or you network servers and then connect it with MySql? Help?
    1. didjee2
      Author's Response
      Well, you have to put BungeeUtilisals in your BungeeCord, IF you want to use BukkitPermissions (BungeeUtilisals asking bukkit/spigot for permissions instead of asking Bungee), you have to put it in every server of your network.