BunJetty 2015-03-28

A Jetty-based servlet container for Bungee

  1. __kazu__
    With so many projects out there providing some form of HTTP-based service, I thought it would make sense to try and consolidate them under a single servlet container -- thus, BunJetty and BukkitJetty are born.

    The idea here is that each service lives under the same host/port, regardess of who wrote the plugin. This minimizes firewall rule craziness and reduces the number of ports that you have to remember ;-)

    Setup is pretty simple, if you're a dev just take a peak through the code: https://github.com/krillr/BunJetty

    I will post better docs later.

Recent Reviews

  1. Freddy95Z
    Version: 2015-03-28
    Nice idea, definitely wanna use on my server.