BusinessSign | plugin for Businesses [1.12.2] 2.1

Plug-in for business via nameplates, flexible config.

  1. Boss9022
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    Legacy (< 1.13)
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    • 1.12
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    Works on versions: 1.12.2.


    As you may have already read the name, this plugin adds Businesses to our server, but why do you need to use this plugin? I'll tell you now.
    1. ScoreBoard.
    The plugin has a ScoreBoard, you can also disable it, enable it, already your choice, the ScoreBoard shows the balance in ALMOST real time), ONLY business owners can see it. The type, text, color, and scoreboard can be specified in the config.
    2. A message when you log in.
    Welcome call of our "Businessman", as well as exit, in the config you can disable Join and leave Quit, already to your taste, it is enough to change the line true or false, as well as the text, the ability to output the prefix and suffix of our Businessman, put the player's nickname in any place, etc.
    3. Logging.
    Each player purchase comes out already in logs.txt, time, date, nickname, it's all there.
    4. Materials.
    When a player buys something from a business, materials are taken away, each material by default costs 15 coins, how much 1 material costs-you can configure it in the config. You can buy materials in a convenient GUI menu, from the name to the description and settings of the head.
    5. Co-owners.
    The business owner has the ability to add a co-owner, the co-owner has almost full rights to the business, for example: view the balance, remove the balance, access to the ScoreBoard, etc.
    6. Taxes.
    You can turn them off. Every hour, the business will withdraw money, how much to withdraw-it is configured in the config, and there is also a notification to the entire server, how much was withdrawn.
    7. Voting.
    You can start voting on the command, as well as stop it. You can create a vote to select a business owner by specifying 3 candidates for the owner's seat. Next, the player needs to enter a command to get 3 sheets of paper with the nicknames of the participants, then the player must give the administrator a piece of paper with the name of the candidate for whom he wants to vote.
    8. Config.
    VERY flexible configuration through the config, it is possible to do what you want, how can you get the goods, item name, message when you purchase, message when enough money for each of YOUR product, the name of the GUI, the price of the goods, the description of the product lines on the plate, prefix, title, message upon purchase, message, etc.
    #Please check out all of our updating.
    #check update, pls.
    money: 0
    owner: ''
    material: 0
    NameGUI: '&aShop'
    NameApple: '&cApple'
    LoreApple: '&cApple&f: 150 money, 15 number'
    NameBread: '&6Bread'
    LoreBread: '&6Bread&f: 40 money'
    NamePotato: '&aPotato'
    LorePotato: '&aPotato: &f90 money, 5 number'
    NameMilk: '&fMilk'
    LoreMilk: '&fMilk: 50 money'
    NameFishing: '&3Fishing Rod'
    LoreFishing: '&3Fishing Rod&f: 500 money'
    NameBook: '&cWritable Book'
    LoreBook: '&cWritable Book&f: 100 money'
    NameClock: '&eClock'
    LoreClock: '&eClock&f: 150 money'
    NameCompass: '&7Compass'
    LoreCompass: '&7Compass&f: 100 money'
    NameSteel: '&4Flint and Steel'
    LoreSteel: '&4Flint and Steel&f: 200 money'
    Prefix: '&7<<&aBusiness&7>>:'
    BuyAppleMessage: '&aYou bought apples for 150 money'
    BuyBreadMessage: '&aYou bought bread for 40 money'
    BuyPotatoMessage: '&aYou bought potato for 90 money'
    BuyMilkMessage: '&aYou bought milk for 50 money'
    BuyFishingMessage: '&aYou bought Fishing rod for 500 money'
    BuyBookMessage: '&aYou bought Book for 100 money'
    BuyClockMessage: '&aYou bought Clock for 150 money'
    BuyCompassMessage: '&aYou bought Compass for 100 money'
    BuySteelMessage: '&aYou bought Flint and Sleet for 200 money'
    InsufficientFundsBreadMessage: '&cYou dont have enough funds buy bread'
    InsufficientFundsAppleMessage: '&cYou dont have enough funds buy apple'
    InsufficientFundsPotatoMessage: '&cYou dont have enough funds buy potato'
    InsufficientFundsMilkMessage: '&cYou dont have enough funds buy milk'
    InsufficientFundsFishingMessage: '&cYou dont have enough funds buy fishing rod'
    InsufficientFundsBookMessage: '&cYou dont have enough funds buy writable book'
    InsufficientFundsClockMessage: '&cYou dont have enough funds buy clock'
    InsufficientFundsCompassMessage: '&cYou dont have enough funds buy compass'
    InsufficientFundsSteelMessage: '&cYou dont have enough funds buy Flint and Steel'
    InsufficientBusinessSucessMessage: '&aYou have successfully withdrawn money from
    the business:'
    InsufficientBusinessFailedMessage: '&cThere are 0 coins on the business balance.'
    InsufficientBusinessBalanceMessage: '&fBalance of your business:'
    Error: Unfortunately you are not a business owner
    BuyOwnerShopGUI: '&cYou owner business'
    NullMaterial: '&cthe business ran out of materials.'
    InsufficientBusinessMaterialMessage: ''
    AddStaffError: '&cYou have already added this player.'
    AddStaffMessage: '&aYou have successfully added a player.'
    StaffNullMessage: '&cEnter the player.'
    RemoveStaffMessage: '&aYou have successfully remove a player.'
    AddWorkerError: '&cYou have already added this player.'
    AddWorkerMessage: '&aYou have successfully added a player.'
    WorkerNullMessage: '&cEnter the player.'
    RemoveWorkerMessage: '&aYou have successfully remove a player.'
    RemoveWorkerError: '&cYou have already added this player.'
    ApplePrice: 150
    BreadPrice: 40
    PotatoPrice: 90
    MilkPrice: 50
    FishingPrice: 500
    BookPrice: 100
    ClockPrice: 150
    CompassPrice: 100
    SteelPrice: 200
    MaterialTake: 15
    NumberAppleGive: 15
    NumberBreadGive: 1
    NumberPotatoGive: 5
    NumberMilkGive: 1
    NumberFishingGive: 1
    NumberBookGive: 1
    NumberClockGive: 1
    NumberCompassGive: 1
    NumberSteelGive: 1
    Prefix: '[BusinessSet]'
    InvalidPrice: '&cInvalid price'
    FirstLine: 'Business:'
    TwoLine: 'Price:'
    BusinessErrorBuy: The business is already bought!
    InsufficientFundsMessage: '&cYou dont have enough funds buy Business'
    MessageBusinessBuy: 'You have buy business:'
    ThirdLine: 'bought:'
    MessageTitleBusinessBuy: '&aYou have buy business!'
    MessageTitleBusinessBuyTwoLine: '&aHappy you'
    MessageRegionNull: '&cRegion is null.'
    MessageJoin: '&aBusinessMan %prefix% &f%player% %suffix% &fjoin server.'
    Join: true
    MessageQuit: '&aBusinessMan %prefix% &f%player% %suffix% &fleave server.'
    Quit: true
    ScoreBoard: true
    NameScoreBoard: '&6Business'
    LoreScoreBoard: '&amoney:'
    LoreScoreBoard2: '&amaterial:'
    NameGUI: '&aMaterial business'
    MaterialSlot3: 300
    SkullName3: '&aMaterial'
    SkullLore3: '&7Materials: 300, price: 4.500'
    MaterialSlot7: 1500
    SkullName7: '&aMaterial'
    SkullLore7: '&7Materials: 1.500, price: 22.500'
    SkullName5: '&aInfo.'
    SkullLore5: '&7Total material:&f'
    SkullLore5TwoLine: '&7Total balance:&f'
    SkullLore5ThreeLine: '&7Staff:&f'
    BalanceSlot2: 5000
    SkullName2: '&aBalance'
    SkullLore2: '&7Pay balance business: 5.000'
    BalanceSlot8: 10000
    SkullName8: '&aBalance'
    SkullLore8: '&7Pay balance business: 10.000'
    NullMaterial: '&cYou dont have enough money to buy the materials.'
    BuyMaterialMessage: '&aYou have successfully purchased the materials.'
    BuyBalanceMessage: '&aYou have replenished the balance of the business'
    SkullMaterialInfo: MHF_Exclamation
    SkullMaterialBalance: MrSnowDK
    MaterialTake: 15
    SkullMaterial: BigG0628
    Taxes: true
    message: '[Unified Tax Service] 300 coins were withdrawn from the business.'
    money: 300
    MessageFalse: Vote not started.
    MessageTrue: Select a candidate by giving the administrator a piece of paper
    BroadcastMessageStartVote: '&7<<&aBusiness&7>>: Voting has begun! Candidate: %arg1%,
    %arg2%, %arg3%.'
    BroadcastMessageStopVote: '&7<<&aBusiness&7>>: Voting stopped.'
    start: 'true'
    Nick1: ''
    Nick2: ''
    Nick3: ''
    Staff: []
    #Please check out all of our updating.
    #check update, pls.



    Business.CreateBusiness-grants the rights to create a business.
    Business.DeleteBusiness-allows you to delete a business.
    Business. removeOwner-allows you to delete the business owner.
    Business. wipebusiness-gives you the right to vape the business (delete the owner and balance).
    Business. startvote-allows you to start voting.
    Business.stopvote - gives the right to stop the vote
    Business. SetOwner-gives you the rights to set the business owner.


    /shopGUI-opens the store itself.
    /sbalance-find out the balance of the business.
    /stakebalance-withdraw money from the business.
    /shelp - help for the plugin.
    /swipebusiness - vypnut business (delete owner and balance).
    /sremoveowner-delete business owner.
    /sreload-update the plugin
    /smaterial-store with materials (GUI).
    /saddstaff-add a co-owner.
    /sremovestaff-delete the co-owner.
    /sstartvote - start the vote.
    /sstopvote - to stop the vote.
    /svote - vote.
    /ssetowner-install the ovner.

    Answers to questions:

    [A] How to create a business sale?
    [O] In the first line of the plate, enter the text from the config where there is " Prefix:", then the region, and the amount.

    [A] I have an error / question.
    [O] Write a personal message on the website/in the vk.

    [A] Why is the plugin in English?
    [O] This plugin will go to other forums, including English-speaking ones.

    [A] Will the plugin be updated?
    [O] Of course.

    Supported by plugins: WorldGuard, Vault.

    How do I install the plugin ?

    [ol=1] [*]Download the plugin.
    [*]Take the downloaded file and move it to the plugins folder of your server.
    [*]Restart the server.


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