ButtonPlusReload 2.5

Add actions to yours buttons !

  1. maxiz22
    Proyect reload : http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/buttonsplus by K3V1N32

    This Plugin allows you to easily script buttons/levers/pressure plates to do anything you want them to do! NO COMMANDS NEEDED. All you have to do is crouch + right click a button and the in-game prompt will tell you what to do next! The aim of this plugin is to enable players on servers to create custom scripted buttons that can do anything from charging for a player to kill themselves, to telporting a player to spawn. This plugin can also use commands from other plugins to allow for completely custom actions, such as promoting a player to a new group, or changing scoreboard stats, the possibilities are endless!

    This plugin will default to using money if there is vault and an economy plugin, if not, it will default to using experience levels.

    Crouch and right click to start setup, crouch and right click an already made button to see info, and crouch and break to delete a button.

    This Plugin Requieres:
    VAULT - http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/Vault

    How to Use:

    • For instructions on how to set up this plugin, go to the setup page: SETUP
    • For instructions on how to setup the config, go to the config page: CONFIG
    • For instructions on how to use this plugin, go to the tutorial page: TUTORIAL
    • For a list of actions you can add to your buttons, go to the actions page: ACTIONS
    • For instructions on how to setup permissions, go to the permissions page: PERMISSIONS
    • For more ideas on how to use this plugin, go to the suggested usage examples page: EXAMPLES

    Source: https://bitbucket.org/rockcodes/buttonsplus

    Issues : https://bitbucket.org/rockcodes/buttonsplus/issues