Buycraft Stats 0.1

Get to know other servers Buycraft statistics

  1. kyle
    So here is something that can be very helpful when you ask yourself "how much does that server make?". This tool uses the recent donations container found on most Buycraft sites to see who is donating, what they paid for, and when they did it.

    For this to function properly I recommend the following
    1. Get a VPS or dedicated server with Java installed
    2. Drop the jar file in any directory
    3. Start a screen and run the jar
      screen -S BuycraftStats java -jar IG.jar (depends on the OS and whatnot)
    4. Enter in the Buycraft url (EG:
    5. Let the program run for a few days
    6. Every day the program runs a text file will be generated such as
      buy-2014-07-13.log inside you can see every transaction that went through that severs Buycraft
    Please note
    This is not supported in any way, what you do with it is your problem, not mine. It's nothing special, more of which a proof of concept type of thing or a late night project. You can do whatever you want with it, source is included in the jar.