BuyHead 1.3.2

A simple plugin to buy player's heads

  1. PoutineQc
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    PoutineQc, lululombard


    A simple plugin to buy any player's head with a Vault Economy. There is also an InGame editable Blacklist if you want to prevent players to buy specific heads.
    You can also setup villager shops for a little cosmetic bonus.
    Thanks to lululombard for the orgiginal idea and the code to get a player's head from the Mojang servers.
    I hope you guys like it. Don't hesitate to send me suggestions or feedback to help me in my present and future projects.

    • Editable prices in the config
    • Simple commands
    • Cosmetic villager shops
    • Blacklist easily editable inGame or in the plugin folder
    • Requires Vault
    • Multi language support. Comes with English, French, German and Dutch.
    (Those are not the only choices possible, you can buy any player's head)

    Set Up and Installation
    Compatibility: 1.8.3 to 1.9
    Online and Offline servers

    Required Plugins
    • Vault
    • An Economy plugin of some kind e.g. Essentials, etc.
    Recommended plugin:
    • PermissionsEx to manage groups and permissions
    Installation and Configuration:

    For upgrading, see release notes.
    1. Download the plugin (BuyHead.jar) and other mandatory plugins
    2. Place into your plugin folder
    3. Restart your server - this will make the config.yml file
    4. Open the plugin/BuyHead folder.
    5. Open up config.yml and adjust how you like. Save it.
    6. Do the command ingame /buyh reload
    7. Permissions should be set by default, unless you use a permissions manager. In which case, set up permissions.
    8. Enjoy
    Do /buyh help in game to get the complete list

    Player Commands
    • /buyh - same as /buyh help
    • /buyh help - Get all BuyHead's commands
    • /buyh <player> - Buy 1 head of a player
    • /buyh <player> [quantity] - Buy a quantity of player's heads
    Admin Commands
    • /buyh help - Get all BuyHead's commands including admin commands
    • /buyh blacklist - display all the elements of the blacklist
    • /buyh blacklist <name> - Add an element to the blacklist
    • /buyh whitelist <name> - Remove an element from the blacklist
    • /buyh newshop <name> - Spawns a villager shop
    • /buyh reload - reload the config, the language files and the player data
    Villager Shops

    To setup a new villager shop :
    /buyh newshop <name>
    A villager will spawn at your location, won't be able to move arount (won't even fall if summoned in mid-air) but will be able to look around and make sounds.
    WARNING: If you have WorldGuard enabled and you try to spawn a villager in a region with the flag mob-spawning set to deny. You must set in WorldGuard's config the option "block-plugin-spawning" to false (or temporarely remove the mob-spawning flag)

    To use a villager shop:
    Simply right click on the villager, and enter the name of the player you want to get the head from in the chat.
    The request expires after 15 seconds if no name have been entered.

    To delete a villager shop:
    Players with the permission : "buyhead.admin.villagershop.remove" can hit a villager holding a shop while sneaking once to instantly kill the villager and remove it's shop from the plugin's files.

    Code (Text):

    # Plugin BuyHead by PoutineQc

    # Currently available languages:
    # English - "fr"
    # Frensh  - "en"
    # German  - "ge"
    # Deutch  - "de"
    # You may make another YAML file with another language
    # Simply put it in the LanguageFiles folder
    #     and write it's name here (without the ".yml")
    language: en

    # true if you want to see the prefix "[BuyHead]" in front of every messages
    # The prefix is editable in the language files
    prefixBeforeMessage: true
    prefixBeforeName: true

    # The price one head will cost
    pricePerHead: 5.0


    Three languages are currently built in. You will find them in the LanguageFiles directory. You may choose one in the config. To create another language, copy another language file, name it however you want, translate it, and simply put it's name without the ".yml" in the config.
    It would be very appreciated if any traduction you guys do are being sent to me so I can build them in.

    Actual languages:
    • English - Default
    • French
    • German - Thank you KlappyYT for your translation
    • Dutch - Thanks you Sikatsu1997 for your translation
    If you want to test this plugin before putting it on your server, you may try it out on my test server.
    IP :

    Problems or New Feature Ideas?
    Do not hesitate to send me your ideas, feedback and problems. I will try to reply the fastest as possible.
    Hope you guys enjoy it

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Recent Reviews

  1. SkippaYaFlippa
    Version: 1.3.2
    I need help I dont have perms to use these commands. Please help me if you know what to do. I think in general this is a great one though!
  2. copy
    Version: 1.3.2
    Hey, great plugin! Is there a permission which gives people access to /buyhead

    I only want my donators to be able to use /buyhead (name) but I can't find a permission for it.

    Thanks :)
  3. Terrobility
    Version: 1.3.1
    10/10, delivered quality head for a cheap price, especially when I'm really turned on and I need some satisfaction. I love the wide variety of head I can get from your plugin!
  4. Xdlob9
    Version: 1.2.4
    Great Plugin! :D I was searching this and i found it, thx :D PS: This works with PlayerPoints? If dont work with it, you can add it? But keep the great work :)
  5. TNTUP
    Version: 1.2.1
    Le meilleur des plugin pour acheter des têtes! Merci à Poutpout, la meilleure en ville! La tourtière est bonne aussi! <3
  6. Sikatsu
    Version: 1.0
    Finally the plugin i was seeking for has arrived! Works really good and the developer is very helpfull.
    1. PoutineQc
      Author's Response
      I try my best xD
      Glad you like my plugin <3
  7. DevBukkit
    Version: 1.0
    Very good plugin, if you could add more heads then it would be worth maybe buying ;) Overall, very good plugin. <3
    1. PoutineQc
      Author's Response
      What do you mean?
      You can already buy all possible player's heads