BuyPermissions 1.0.3-RELEASE

Allow users to buy commands!

  1. ItsMeGlare
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:






    Code (Text):
    #                     ABOUT THIS PLUGIN                     #

    # BuyPermissions by the Glare Masters
    # BuyPermissions on GitHub:

    #                           Tutorial                        #

    # This is a simple guide on how to create permissions to sell

    # Under the "commands" section, you put in  your item. For example, we'll do something like fly.

    # So, it'd look like:

    #     fly:
    #        perm: fly.permission
    #        cost: 20.0
    #        description: "You can totally use this to fly around and kill mobs!"

    # The "perm" is where you put the permission node that will be given to the player
    # The "cost" is how much it cost for the user to buy that permission

    # "currently-selling" is to let you choose which of the permissions you'd currently like to sell.

    plugin-prefix: "&b[&7BuyPermissions&b]"
      check: true

          name: "&7Fly"
          perm: fly.permission
          cost: 2000.00
          description: "&aFly around and &ckill &ayour enemies!"

      name: "&a&lNAME &6■ "
      description: "&a&lDescription &6■ &7"
      cost: "&a&lCOST &6■ &7"

      prefix: "&6■ "
      command-color: "&a{command}"

    - "example"

      buy: "/bp buy <command>"
      list: "/bp list"
      reload: "/bp reload"
      perm-added: "&aSuccess! You bought the command &b{command}!"
      new-balance: "&aYour new balance is &b{balance}!"
      not-for-sale: "&cSorry! That command is either not valid or not for sale!"
      list-commands: "&aThe following commands that you can currently buy are:"
      list-commands-end: "&aRemember to hover over each one for more information!"
      click-to-buy: "&aWant to buy? Just click the command!"
      already-have: "&cSorry, you already have this permission!"
      reload-success: "&aConfiguration reloaded!"

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    This plugin was inspired by: which was last updated in 2013.​
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