BuyRanks 1.2.1

A simple plugin, which allows you to buy ranks via commands.

  1. JND_3004
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    What is BuyRanks?
    BuyRanks is a small and simple plugin that allows you to buy ranks via commands.
    • For the full functionality of the plugin, you need PermissionsEx and Vault.

    • Player Commands
    • Show the help of the plugin (/rank or /rank help)
    • Show the version of the plugin (/rank version)
    • Buy any available rank (/rank buy <rankname>)
    • Admin Commands
    • Reload the plugin (/rank reload)
    • Remove a rank of a player (/rank remove <playername> <rank>)
    • Player permissions
      • rank.user.*
      • rank.user.version
    • Admin permissions
      • rank.admin.*
      • rank.admin.reload
      • rank.admin.remove.userrank


    Code (YAML):
    # (C) 2018 BuyRanks Plugin written by JND_3004.
    # All rights reserved. License
    # For more informations, visit

    : Veteran
    : veteran
    : 150
    veteran: <-- is the ingame command. /rank buy veteran
    rankname: <-- the correct rankname for messages.
    pex-rankname: <-- the rankname in your own pex config file.
    price: <-- the price to bought this rank