BuyWGRegion 0.1.1

The plugin gives your players the ability to buy WorldGuard regions using Vault.

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    Source code available on GitHub:, feel free to check out and tailor to your needs.

    Dependencies: WorldGuard (, WorldGuard ( and Vault (

    This plugin allows the players of your server to buy WorldGuard regions with in-game currency, bypassing limits for region quality and quantity. It is configurable (you can set the price, the minimal price, price for large quantities, large quantity threshold and locale) and supports localizations. It is useful, as it allows players to claim big plots without staff help, thus decreasing the staff load. Before creating the new region, the plugin checks for duplicate names and intersections, so feel safe about it: it can't be used to grief unowned regions. The plugin logs each transaction, so fraud by players can be prevented. Here is a small tutorial.

    1. Select a region using WorldEdit.
    2. Enter command /brg claim region_name.
    The players need to have the
    buyregion.claim permission to claim new regions using the /brg claim command.

    /buyregion (alternatively /brg, /buyreg or /regbuy) - the help page.
    /brg claim name - claim a new region and be charged.
    /brg help
    - the help page.
    /brg prices - list current prices for creating new regions.
    /brg price - calculate the price of creating a region in current selection.


    ## Specify the locale used (English is default), English (en) and Russian (ru) are available by default.
    locale: en
    ## Specify the price per block
    price: 0.01
    ## Specify the minimum price per transaction
    ## If a region costs less than min-price, the player will be charged min-price anyway (you can disable this by setting min-price to -1)
    min-price: 500
    ## Specify the count of blocks, starting from which the bulk-price will be used (a discount for large purchasers)
    ## You can disable this by setting bulk-price equal to price
    bulk-threshold: 1000000
    ## The price for large purchasers
    bulk-price: 0.005

    This plugin supports custom localizations. To create a new localization, create a file named locale.<locale_name_goes_here>.yml (see an example at and replace the translation for each of the strings there. Do not omit the %.2f and %s tokens, where appropriate (they are important for players!). After that insert that localization into your BuyRegion folder (plugins/BuyRegion/) and change the locale: parameter in your config.yml. If some strings are missing, they'll be loaded from the default locale. Feel free to send PRs ;). You can also override an existing locale. Just specify the modified versions of needed strings at a file named locale.<name>.yml in your BuyRegion folder. Some info to help you: the plugin first searches for the string in your BuyRegion/ folder (file locale.<name>.yml), then it searches the plugin resources, and finally, if it does not found the string in either of those, it inserts the English version of the string.

    Feel free to send your bug reports to
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