BVotifier [Depreciated] 1.0.7_Please_Work

The better way to deal with voting and BungeeCord.

  1. _Cory_
    This plugin is totally depreciated!!
    Look at NuVotifier for a more up-to-date and better alternative.

    I'll support this plugin until I've fully completed a replacement (there is currently a pre-alpha replacement WIP).

    Support via IRC at #ryred. I may be asleep, but it will be the fastest method of contact if I'm at my pc, along with teamspeak at

    This is a simple votifier listener for Bungeecord.

    You can also hook onto the plugin and listen for the vote event. The API is extremely similar, if not the same, as Votifier's original one.

    This works using plugin messages, meaning that there aren't a tonne of open ports, or votifier listener instances. Causing a less efficient and unsafe/unsecure network.
    The disadvantages, votes can only be sent to a bukkit server if a any player joins the bukkit server through the same proxy.

    To install follow the simple instructions:
    1. Download and put BVotifier plugins folder for all servers (Bungee and bukkit).
    2. Make sure the normal Votifier is disabled or deleted in bukkit.
    3. Install a listener of your choice into bukkit. GAListener is great!
    4. Start/restart all your servers, including BungeeCord.
    5. Enjoy the simplicity and love ace.
    6. Erm.. That's it :D <3
    This is a really simple plugin to configure. To configure BungeeCords options, such as the listening IP and port, then edit the config file in your bungeecord's plugins folder. Otherwise the bukkit plugins folder will do!

    This is what it looks like:
    # WIP
    It is extremely simple and easy to understand.
    Coming soon.
    /BVotifier - Displays information on the plugin.
    /BVotifier metrics - Toggles PluginMetrics for the plugin.
    /BVTV <Playername> [Servicename] - Allows for a testvote to be broadcasted to all servers.

    BVotifier.test - Allows execution of the BVTV command.
    BVotifier.admin - Allows toggling of metrics.

    || Build Server || Source Code || JavaDocs ||

    Word of warning, I swear a when I'm frustrated and tired.


    Thanks a lot! Ace <3

    P.S. Fancy watching me make it? 5 Hours of hard work, condensed down into a couple minutes with alright music..
    Lets make.

    Code (spiget-extra (Unknown Language)):

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Recent Reviews

  1. Philip320
    Version: 1.0.7_Please_Work
    This plugin is awesome, Nuvotifier is trash. Awesome thank you very much easy and simple and working perfectly for my server.
  2. GreekGamesYT
    Version: 1.0.7_Please_Work
    do i add the bungeecord Publick key to the vote websites or any other key?Or add like the lobbys key and it will send it to other servers? pls awnser.IF anyone knows and can awnser me add me at skype nikos.antonopoulos21
  3. XxTreme_Creeper_
    Version: 1.0.7_Please_Work
    Nice plugin bro :)
    Nice plugin bro :)
    Nice plugin bro :)
    Nice plugin bro :)
    Nice plugin bro :)
    Nice plugin bro :)
  4. ItzOrg
    Version: 1.0.7_Please_Work
    I love this plugin, all of the other plugins I see have terrible instructions, and overall no support! This one is perfect for all servers, thank you so much, and please don't stop it.
  5. Zaclamity
    Version: 1.0.7_Please_Work
    I was also breaking my arse cheeks trying to get something to work with bungee. Nuvotifier SEEMS great but its RETARDED complicated with little instructions on how to get things done. this is straight forward and pretty simple. It does the job and that's all I need <3
  6. Informer21
    Version: 1.0.7_Please_Work
    I love this!! So simple to get working! Been banging my head against the wall with votesend for weeks. Found this today and voting it working like a charm. I will be donating to you kind sir! Thanks for this amazing plugin!! I hope to see an update soon!! Hate to see this be discontinued!
  7. spideyroc1
    Version: 1.0.7_Please_Work
    Do I add this to my Hub server aswell? I don't want players to get votes there because you aren't supposed to have the votes in our hub.
  8. FoxyBae
    Version: 1.0.7_Please_Work
    Amazing Plugin :D Needed Something Like This, Does everything it says 9999/10
  9. HappyVillage
    Version: 1.0.7_Please_Work
    Thx for the help on ts don't mind my name plz i cant change it XD
  10. hamsterfat
    Version: 1.0.7_Please_Work
    Nice man! but it`s nit lightweight as me LOL
    anway almost all of your plugin is useful and awesome
    1. _Cory_
      Author's Response
      Thanks bro. :)