C4 & Grenades [SKRIPT] 1.5

Have a little more fun with explosions

  1. More fun changes

    - Grenades/Stun Grenades can now be placed. When placed, you better run, 3 seconds later they will blow.

    - Changed grenades/stun grenades to a new texture making it easier to identify in a player's inventory (Recipes are still the same - Old grenades will not work anymore, I recommend offering to exchange old for new for players)
  2. MC 1.13.2 Ready + A few little fixes

    This update now works with Skript 2.3.1 and Spigot/Paper 1.13.2
    I have done a decent amount of testing but if you find any bugs please report.

    - Version 1.4 now requires Tuske (Pikachu Patch 3). I am now using Tuske to handle custom recipes as SkQuery was just not having it.
    - Version 1.4 now requires and will work on ONLY Skript 2.3.x Due to changes in the aliases, this version...
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  3. Update 1.3 (Stun Grenades)

    - Added stun grenades... no explosion, but produces a cloud of firework particles, deals damage, also hit player with blindness and nausea for a few seconds.
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  4. Update 1.2 (Throwable Charges)

    - As suggested by @Its_Craft , I have added in Throwable C4 charges. A player can place a charge as they normally would, or shift-right-click to throw a charge.

    Please remember to review this Skript, it'll help me make this Skript the best it can be.