CakeHubPlugin | Version : 1.0 1.0

My Plugin Of Hub/Lobby

  1. Bad-DEV
    This plugin is based lobbies for servers.
    BungeeMode required.
    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------
    // Dependencies // dependencias
    No, you do not need additional plugins.
    -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------
    Commands //
    It contains commands.
    -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------
    Functions Or to put it better, Description.
    Stepping If you're staff.
    It tells [STAFF] Has joined the server
    For a player.
    [Player] Has Joined The server
    -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------
    It gives you a glass hat.
    and DiscoHelmet
    -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------
    This download requires plugin to put the config "Hub" with the plugin
    as it has some damage will be solved soon.
    -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------
    Spoiler: When you enter the server

    Spoiler: Config

Recent Reviews

  1. ByHiPeRaCtiVe
    Version: 1.0
    Este Plugin es Buenisimo!,
    espero mas actualizaciones me gustaria que pongas para teletranportacion de servidores, stats, entre cosas mas
    1. Bad-DEV
      Author's Response
      Gracias, Pronto Sacare Unas Actualizaciones Chulas. No te arrepentiras o quisas empiese un nuevo proyecto llamado "MotherLobby" :D