Calculator 1.0-Final

Advanced ingame Calculator

  1. iZefix

    Please download the latest plugin here until the next update:

    With Calculator you have a calculator ingame. Different to other Calculators, you have one /calc Command for every operation, for example you can calculate 57.5*7-405 and not only 1+1. There are also many functions as sin, cos, tan, sum, min, max, log and constants like pi, e, g and more provided. You can see them by executing /calc functions. As usual, there is an Updater. To update, just execute the /calc update Command. The Updater will not check automatically.


    /calc <expression>
    Calculates an expression.
    /calc functions
    Shows all available functions
    /calc <expression>
    Checks for Updates and dowloads them, if any.

    Important Information
    This Plugin is just a simple util which I sometimes need, but I thought some people might find it useful because there is no real working calculator out there, so I uploaded it here.

    This Plugin works with the Math Expression String Parser (MESP) by stormdollar, an API to solve mathematic expressions. I just brought the API into Bukkit.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Kylan28
    Version: 1.0-Final
    It does its job perfectly. It could gain to be more tolerant with spaces though. Great plugin anyway, 5 stars ^^
    1. iZefix
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much.
  2. Dartanman
    Version: 1.0-Final
    Seems like a decent plugin idea, but the download button doesn't work! I would give it 5 stars! Please fix it!
    1. iZefix
      Author's Response