Calendar Events 1.8.0

Call a custom event at specific dates and times

  1. NEW FEATURE: Combined events

    • allow events to fire when a specified list of other events was fired
      • this allows special scheduling like e.g. "first/second/third" sunday of a month
    Example: Event that fires every first sunday in a month
    Code (YAML):
      # lets create some normal events to use in a combined event
    : # every sunday
    : "sunday"
    : # every day of the first week...
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  2. PlaceholderAPI itegration

    You can now display the time till an event is called via PlaceholderAPI

    "%calendarevents_until:myEventLabel%" returns time in d h min s
    "%calendarevents_until-s:myEventLabel%" returns time in s
    "%calendarevents_until-min:myEventLabel%" returns time in min
    "%calendarevents_until-h:myEventLabel%" returns time in h
    "%calendarevents_until-d:myEventLabel%" returns time in d
  3. Support for 1.14 and 1.14.1

    CalendarEvents now supports 1.14 and 1.14.1
  4. Version 1.5.0

    • You can now run commands only for players with a specific permission
    Code (YAML):
        # all commands in this section will run for EVERY player that has the given permission
         # for every unique key commands and perm have to be defined
           # list of commands.
            #     %player% is replaced by the player name
            #     %allOnline% is replaced by the player name
            #     %perm% is replaced by the permission...
  5. 1.4.2 | Compatibility update for MC 1.13 and 1.13.1

    CalendarEvents now supports title and actionbar messages on MC 1.13 and 1.13.1
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  6. Allow plugin to run for versions below 1.8

    Until now the plugin disabled itself when the server was running on an unsupported version. But since only title and actionbar messages depend on the version I've changed the behavior. Title and actionbar messages will now simply not work below 1.8. Broadcasts and commands will work on all versions.
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  7. new event placeholders, settings and big repository changes

    New settings in config.yml:
    • Hours offset from server time to players time
      • Example:
        -> Server time: 14:30
        -> Most players: 15:30

        Set the offset to 1 and all your events will be called at the configured time with respect to your players' time zone, not your servers' time zone.
    • Locale setting for day and month names (see new placeholders below)

    New placeholders:
    • %day% -> full name of the day (e.g. Monday)
    • %month% -> name of the...
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  8. More API methods and cleaner default configuration file

    Version 1.3.3

    • The default configuration file is cleaner, better documented and has less actions that are seen by players on the server.
      • Most action examples are now either commented out, or require an example permission.
      • If you were already using an old version, there is no need to update your config file.
    • There are two new API methods
      • Find out whether a specific label is registered as an event
      • Get the seconds until the next call...
  9. Make reload command compatible with events registered through the API

    Version 1.3.2

    It came to my attention, that the reload command (ce reload) removes all events added through the API. This was (of course) not intended and has been resolved in this version.
    Additionally there are some code improvements.

    The example project using the API has been mavenized and updated. It can be found here:
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  10. Important fix + repository update