CallVote 1.0.2

Ever wanted to allow your server players to vote for commands to be run by their own will?

  1. BlazingBroGamer
    Have you ever wanted a plugin which could allow your server players to decide whether to kick a player or not? Well here is your plugin!

    Commands and Permissions
    /callvote - Starts a vote call []
    Syntax: /callvote

    Currently, the types are:
    - Kick
    - Custom

    More will be added in the future (as well as some custom)

    Reason can have more than one word.

    How to use
    1) Drop this file into the plugins folder
    2) Start/Restart/Reload your server
    3) Start using it!

    When a player starts a vote with /callvote, everyone will get an option to choose wether they vote yes or no with a clickable text. When they click on their answer, at the end, the plugin will calculate whether majority voted yes or no (according to the percentage set in the config)

    Code (Text):

    # How much percentage of the whole voters needs to agree to have this player kicked
    Percentage: 50

    # Syntax of the Custom Votes:
    # Vote Name:
    #     Command: Command to run when majority votes yes
    #     PunishmentName: Nice name for the vote (Can have spaces)
    #     PunishmentBroadcast: What to broadcast when the command has been run
        Command: tempban %player% 1h Example custom vote
        PunishmentName: Tempban
        PunishmentBroadcast: '%player% has been banned for 1 hour!'


    To Do List
    - Add in more Types
    - Give more configuration options
    - Allow editing of messages
    - GUI Support [Done]

    - Allow custom vote types [Done]

    This is a plugin I just thought of and thought I could get it done quickly. It is still in its beta stages of releasing, and will get better as time goes on. Please leave a rating to motivate me to devote myself to this project!

Recent Reviews

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    Version: 1.0.2
    Broken in 1.11.2 i really needed this thanks a lot author for abandoning this useful plugin...................