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  1. 78wesley
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
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    This is a plugin that i made for Minecraft and its easy to use.
    With this plugin you can create a campfire for awesome looks on your server.
    Pleas leave a rating below.
    BUG : If you change the name of the ArmorStand with a command that does the same thing as "/entitydata" then de plugin can't remove it. and it will give a error!!!!

    • With "/campfire add <name>" you can create a CampFire.
    • With "/campfire remove <name>" you can remove a CampFire.
    • With "/campfire debug" you can see the names of each CampFire.
    • With "/campfire list" you can see the list of all the CampFires.
    • With "/campfire on <name>" you can turn on a CampFire.
    • With "/campfire off <name>" you can turn off a CampFire.
    • campfire.command.use:
      • campfire.command.add
      • campfire.command.remove
      • campfire.command.debug
      • campfire.command.list
      • campfire.command.on
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  1. Zembrow
    Version: CampFire 1.12
    I love these new and small plugins, just amazing! I'm going to create a old medieval like Spawn, this plugin is going to definitely help with the feel of it. Love it!