CanaletaGUI 1.0

An admin gui to kick, ban, tp and more!

  1. TheWhite
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    This gui facilitates the work of the staff of a server. With this, you can ban players, kick them, teleport to them, among other functions! The messages are completely editable through the config.yml file where you can also deactivate the plugin or the permissions. I hope you enjoy!

    Command to open the interface
    /gui reload: Reload plugin config

    - canaletagui.* (access to all commands)
    - canaletagui.gui (access to main gui menu)
    - canaletagui.reload (permission for reloading plugin config files (/ubi reload))
    canaletagui.kill (access to kill menu)
    canaletagui.provisions (access to provisions menu)
    - canaletagui.gamemode (access to gamemode menu)
    - canaletagui.ban (access to ban menu)
    - canaletagui.kick (access to kick menu)
    - canaletagui.time (access to time menu)
    - canaletagui.players (access to players menu)

    If you are not using any permissions plugin and the permissions are enabled (in config.yml), only OP players will be able to use the commands


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