CandleBlower 1.0

Blow candles out using your breath! And also ignite them again

  1. MaveCrit
    [​IMG] CandleBlower

    Welcome to Candleblower, a very small just-for-fun plugin to blow candles out and ignite them again.
    Its great for RPG and Survival servers!


    [​IMG] Usage

    Well Candleblower is very easy, just stand next to a torch and drop a item out of your inventory (Dont worry, you won't drop the item physically!)
    And whuuusch! There you go, you've blown out the candle!

    To ignite the candle again just rightclick the candle with a flint-and-steel.
    Every ignitation will take away some durability from the flint and steel

    Thats it!


    [​IMG] Config, commands and permissions

    [​IMG] None! [​IMG]

    [​IMG] In action

    If the gif does not show up:
    [​IMG] Click me [​IMG]

Recent Reviews

  1. GaelErhlich
    Version: 1.0
    It's a good idea. I like the way you use to trigger the effect, but there are problems : all redstone torches turn into normal torches, and direction isn't kept.
    1. MaveCrit
      Author's Response
      The direction thing is a problem I'm currently working on :)
      And of course you can ignite all redstone torches yes, that was planned (Usually you dont ignite a torch without wanting to cause you have to hold a flint and steel in your hand :p)
  2. Redstriker
    Version: 1.0
    Great idea!
    I recommand you to do /reallifemode (for example)
    then the torches will turrn off after a while that
    set on the config.