Cannon Lag Reducer 1.0.5

Hide cannoning aspects to reduce lag!

  1. slees
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8

    This allows you to toggle falling blocks, TNT entities, piston pushing animations, particles, and items from being viewed on your client. This can drastically reduce lag in environments where such entities are present in massive amounts. This is aimed towards Factions cannoning and similar.

    DEPENDENCIES ** = required
    • ** ProtocolLib (built against ProtocolLib 4.3.0)
    ** System Dependency: Java 8 **

    COMMANDS (and aliases)

    /cannonlagreducer (gui)
    /cannonlagr (gui)
    /cannonlreducer (gui)
    /cannonlr (gui)
    /clagreducer (gui)
    /clr (gui)
    /cannonlagreducer reload
    /cannonlagr reload
    /cannonlreducer reload
    /cannonlr reload
    /clagreducer reload
    /clr reload


    Access gui: cannonlagreducer.gui
    Reload configuration: cannonlagreducer.reload
    Update notification: cannonlagreducer.updatecheck


    Code (YAML):

    : true,
    : true,
    : "TNT;0",
    : "SAND;0",
    : "QUARTZ;0",
    : "GOLD_INGOT;0"

    ItemStacks are parsed as shown [MATERIAL;DATA]. Depending on which version you run, you will need to make sure the materials are correct.


    Code (YAML):

    : "Settings",
    : "§cTNT",
    : "§fFalling Blocks",
    : "§aPiston",
    : "§bParticles",
    : "§eItems",
    : ["§7Click to toggle TNT!"],
    : ["§7Click to toggle falling blocks!!"],
    : ["§7Click to toggle piston animations!"],
    : ["§7Click to toggle particles!"],
    : ["§7Click to toggle items!"],
    : "TNT entities",
    : "Falling Blocks",
    : "Piston Animations",
    : "Particles",
    : "Items",
    : "§aon",
    : "§coff",
    : "§7You have toggled §f%label% %toggle-label%§7.",
    : "§cYou can't do this, silly.",
    : "§cInvalid arguments.",
    : "§cOnly players can execute this command.",
    : "§aThe configuration has been reloaded."}


    Toggling the settings in the gui will automatically take effect. This is not a global system. The settings are per player.

    Toggle-able features:

    • Falling Blocks
    • TNT Entities
    • Piston Animations
    • Items
    • Particles



    Currently tested against Bukkit 1.8. If you are looking for this to work on other versions, you will need something that supports multiple protocol versions. An example of this is Via[Version/Backwards].


    If you discover a bug I may have missed, you can feel free to discuss the problem in the discussion page.
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