Capes 1.8 BETA

A FREE plugin to add custom capes to your server without client-side mods!

  1. TheFancyWhale
    A fun plugin that adds custom capes to your server. Simply hold a banner in your hand and run /cape! Or now you can run /cape and open the customizable GUI! Excellent donator perk!

    Version 1.4 BETA and up require spigot 1.8.3+. Capes no longer get in the way of placing blocks, putting on armor, etc.

    Plugin may have bugs and might need more features so please request features and report bugs! Also, it will look laggy in F5 mode, but it looks better to other players.

    Servers running this plugin:
    • Let me know if you want your server here
    • Use any banner
    • Works with teleporting
    • Works with respawns
    • Allows for banner to drop on death
    • Cape has virtually no hitbox
    • Customizable GUI
    • Developer API
    • Add cape physics like minecon capes (Not perfected yet, and can be disabled)
    Planned Features:
    • Currently nothing planned other than better physics. Please let me know if you want something else
    • /cape or /capes (Remove current cape, or put on banner in hand or if GUI is enabled, it opens the GUI)
    • /cape reload (Reloads the Settings.yml file)
    • /cape add {CapeName} (Adds a cape to the GUI if you are holding a banner)
    • /cape remove {CapeName} (Removes the cape with the name you enter)
    • /cape hand (Puts on a cape with the banner in hand)
    Permissions :
    All permissions default to op
    • cape.create (Put on cape from banner in hand)
    • cape.admin (Access to all admin commands)
    • cape.gui (Open the cape GUI)
    • cape.{CapeName} (Access to that cape in the GUI)
    • Looks laggy in F5 mode (Cannot be fixed AFAIK)
    Developer API:
    Very simple to use. Simply add the .jar file to your build path and use the following. Here are the methods you can use:
    Code (Text):
    CapeAPI.openCapeGui(Player player);

    CapeAPI.equipCapeFromHand(Player player);

    CapeAPI.equipCapeFromItemstack(Player player, ItemStack banner);

    CapeAPI.hasCape(Player player) //returns a boolean
    Buy Me Pizza (100% optional)
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Recent Updates

  1. Quit Fix
  2. Permissions Fix
  3. Capes API

Recent Reviews

  1. KlausNein
    Version: 1.8 BETA
    It works, but it does not look very nice. If you are moving the cape is bugging behind of you ...
  2. sinistershades
    Version: 1.8 BETA
    Plugin no longer works, don't waste your time. Running 1.15.2. It may work on the server versions listed, but it seems others are having trouble on the 'compatible' versions.
  3. ChrisTalino
    Version: 1.8 BETA
    I can't use this on my server everytime I enter a command it has an error and wont work I am running 1.12.2 spigot for the curious people I highly suggest you dont waste your time on this.
  4. sean24
    Version: 1.8 BETA
    this is grate! just started a new Factions server and the cope plugins is grate gunna be working on capes. my server if your willing to post it on here. ip:

    thanks for your time!
  5. ItzMeLel
    Version: 1.8 BETA
    errors 1.12.2, and as u can tell from other reviews, lots of errors and I can't fix. author discontinued :(
  6. PikachuMinecraft
    Version: 1.8 BETA
    its like impossible! no tutorials like how do you even customize that GUI!

    however it is worthy of my server running it.
  7. nandoguissa
    Version: 1.8 BETA
    1.12.1 error :(
  8. HK_Sushi
    Version: 1.8 BETA
    Pizza Button is not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Plugin works well, good for EULA!!!!!!!!!!!
    Plz fix pizza donate button
    1. TheFancyWhale
      Author's Response
      I appreciate the support, but I have not been updating it. I won't accept a donation, so just enjoy it! Thanks though!
  9. levi148
    Version: 1.8 BETA
    Is a nice plugin but it don't really look like a cape... It look like a banner stuck on your back XD.
  10. xxNinexx
    Version: 1.8 BETA