Capture The Tower 1.3

CTT is a game where two teams compete to build a tower of four gold blocks based off of an AH game.

  1. MikeJ
    Capture The Tower

    Capture The Tower is a game that pits two teams agaisnt each other to build a tower of four gold blocks per team with only four gold blocks in the whole game. This plugin was inspired by Achievement Hunter's game Capture the Tower. This version is automated by a plugin instead!​

    • Create as many CTT games as you want
    • Can have many games in many worlds
    • Sign and/or command can be used to join games
    • Built to be compatible with any map, no matter the placement of spawns or the tower
    • API included
    • MySQL support and SQLite support
    • Stat system and leaderboard
    • Kit system with many things to customize
    • Respawn delay
    Capture the Tower uses Hidendra's plugin metrics system which means it will collect information including but not always limited to a unique identifier, the server's version of Java, offline/online mode, this plugin's version, the server's version, the OS running the server, core count for the CPU, number of players online, and the Metrics version.

    This can be easily disabled by editing /plugins/Plugin Metrics/config.yml and setting opt-out to true. Everything that this plugin collects can be viewed here and additional information can be found here.

    Update Checks
    This plugin has a feature where it will notify those with the permission ctt.update if there is an update to this plugin. It is done asynchronously. To disable, set 'update-check' to false in the plugin's main config location at /plugins/CaptureTheTower/config.yml

    Game Sign
    To create a sign to join a game, create the game first then place down a sign. The first line should read "[game]" and the second line should have the ID number of the game you want the sign for. Example:


    Permissions and Commands
    You can grant yourself all CTT permissions by either being OP or granting yourself ctt.*.
    For a full list of commands and permissions, view this page on BukkitDev or view the plugin.yml here.

    Type /ctt to view a list of available commands in-game.
    To create a game, use /ctt create [id] and follow the prompts.
    • Gold blocks can only be placed on obsidian blocks and other gold blocks by default, this can be changed in the config.yml file. Ensure you place the base of each tower before creating the game.
    To join a game, use /join or a game sign (as described above).
    To leave a game, use /leave.

    If you prefer, there is a video tutorial made by John4064:

    The configuration is self-explanatory, and works out of the box. To view the default configuration, click here.

    Kits are created in the configuration and are loaded when the server starts. The header of the configuration file details how to create and modify kits, as well as grant certain users the permission to use a certain kit.

    The source is always available on Github.

    Todo List
    • Use UUIDs for stats
    • More options for kits

Recent Reviews

  1. ElSenorFoxy
    Version: 1.3
    I like this but i would like an option for reset the map for do a new game automaticaly (sorry but i am a french player)
  2. Bolean
    Version: 1.3
    nice plugin update more wow .