Cardinal Anticheat | Community Edition | 1.8.X 0.9974

Free Version of Cardinal Anticheat

  1. Clientastisch
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    args. (ma senpai)
    Cardinal was my biggest project so far, with over hundrets of hours developing time. It has more than 80 detections and is able to make the performance of Spigot much better

    • PreAura
    • PostAura
    • AimAssist
    • Range
    • WallAttack
    • InvAttack
    • NoSwing
    • BlockHit
    • HitBox
    • AutoArmor
    • BadRotations

    • FastLadder
    • Fly
    • InvMove
    • Jesus
    • yMotion
    • NoSlowdown
    • NoWeb
    • Phase
    • Speed
    • Spider
    • Step
    • Strafe
    • yVelocity

    • BedFucker
    • BlockDestroy
    • DeathInteract
    • NoGround

    • NetFrequence
    • PacketAnalysis
    • PacketDecoder

    • Action
    • Blindness
    • Facing
    • Scaffold
    • Spammer
    • SporadicAiming
    • NoGround
    • NoFall
    • NoPitch

    Besides Cardinal is one of the few anticheats out there, which has a user friendly interface to manage checks, ban types and violations. You can access it with /CAC config

    Checks2.png Interface.png Punishments.png

    Event though it's a big plugin with much method invocations, it's memory usage is less than Spigot alone. Because Cardinal is up to 90% asynchronous and makes always sure that no unnessesary instances are saved in the JVM


    Red - Spigot
    Grey - Spigot and Cardinal

    In addition, Cardinal has an advanced addon system, witch which you have no limits :D Here is a small insight


    To create an addon, follow the instructions below:

    • Add CACApi.jar and Spigot.jar to your project
    • Do not put the CACApi into the plugins folder
    • Your main-class needs to implement Addon instead of extends JavaPlugin
    • Create a file named addon.json instead of plugin.yml like this:
      Code (Text):
        "name": "TestPlugin",
        "author": "YourName",
        "main": "",
        "version": "1.0"
    • Export your project to /plugins/CAC/addons
    • They won't be list under spigot plugins. To see a list of all addons, you need to execute /CAC addon list but you can also use all other API's normaly by adding them to your project


    CAC.flag Allows the Player to see the flags
    CAC.replay Allows the Player to see replays
    CAC.proxie Allows the Player to join even if it's ip is a proxie
    CAC.debug Allows the Player to see debug messages
    CAC.cmd Allows the Player to execute commands
    CAC.addon Allows the Player to manage the addons
    CAC.bans Allows the Player to ban/unban a target player

    Most of the following commands are self-explanatory. To see a full list ingame use /CAC or /CAC help

    /CAC help
    /CAC config
    /CAC flag
    /CAC info
    /CAC reload
    /CAC reboot
    /CAC replay
    /CAC addons
    /CAC unban
    /CAC ban
    /CAC tps
    /CAC ram
    /CAC checks
    /CAC enable
    /CAC disable
    /CAC toggle

    • It is interdict to decompile the plugin
    • It is interdict to modify the plugin
    • It is interdict to resell the plugin
    • It is interdict to claim the Anticheat as your own
    • It is pemitted for the plugin to execute cloud commands
    • We have the right to update the Terms of Use at any time!

    if you have any issues or falses you want to report, please do it here:

    You want to test Cardinal ? You can do it on
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Recent Reviews

  1. creepercannyon
    Version: 0.9973
    Bad obfuscation. Ez crack. Ez deobf. Skid Skid. Yum Yum. Decent checks, not the best I've ever seen.
  2. AlexW
    Version: 0.9972
    Super Anticheat! Alles funktoniert! Keine Bugs und die performance ist auch SUPER! Mach weiter so! Nur eine sache: Könntest du das Replay irgendwie mit mysql verbinden anstatt mit dem ordner? Das mit dem Ordner funktoniert nicht, es kommt auch keine Fehler.

    AlexW | GoldenGamer_LP
    1. Clientastisch
      Author's Response
      Danke für deine positive rewiev aber das ReplaySystem über MySQL zu machen ist nicht möglich und destruktiv, da Welten und andere Datein exportiert werden. Du musst den Ordnerpfad in der Config.yml angeben und ggf. auch selbst dort anlegen, dann sollte alles funktionieren
  3. FatalPacket
    Version: 0.9972
    movement checks are great, lightweight on server.
    great 80 characters. Using filter characters
    1. Clientastisch
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your positive review
  4. ScaredDev
    Version: 0.9967
    In my opinion, the best anticheat I've ever tested, especially the Move Checks are awesome! The Combat checks can still be argued :3 But there is currently no better AntiCheat than CAC
    1. Clientastisch
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your positive review
  5. SquareCode
    Version: 0.9967
    I have now looked at the AntiCheat extensively and in peace and must admit that my statement that the AntiCheat is shit is wrong. The Movement Checks meet a high standard and that happens is also given and does his service more than enough. Of course, you can always argue about the design of the AntiCheat, I don't like it but that's taste. But I only give you 4 stars for the AntiCheat, because you have to revise your Combat Checks again. Many clients are still bypass and that's not okay. I wish you with the AntiCheat all the best luck in the future and a good success. If the Combat Checks have been reworked and improved, you are welcome to contact me so that I can redo my review and evaluate your AntiCheat better if something has changed.

    Yours sincerely,

    Felix M. / SquareC.
    1. Clientastisch
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your honest review, I appreciate that a lot. I'll also keep improving my combat checks
  6. coolpvpv
    Version: 0.9964
    omg no way did i just see experimental speed check let me go try to find a false one sec man xD
  7. XTheWolfYTX
    Version: 0.9961
    Really Good Anticheat! But the thing is the Config is way to messy. You should have all the checks in one Text File. Banning is broken (Punishments). Players should get to choose the Violations Punishments (Their own Banning commands). I think the GUI is really messy with the temp banning and stuff. What the Check.yml should look like Example - >
    ## Fly
    enable: true
    # Violations needed to cancel illegal movements (-1 = never cancel)
    cancel_vl: 50

    # Fly ability check
    enable: true
    vl_weight: 20
    enable: true

    # NoFall check
    damage: true

    # Setback method (back/ground)
    setback: back

    # Violation Thresholds
    # number_of_violations: '<command>'
    50: 'Cardinal notify %player% Tried To (Fly) #1'
    100: 'Cardinal notify %player% Tried To (Fly) #2'
    180: 'Cardinal kick %player% Flying
    Thanks - Hoping to see this feature soon. also, could you add a discord that would be nice for suggestions too
    1. Clientastisch
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your report. Your problem with the ban system is resolved in version 0.9963. In addition, you can select your own Ban commands, but you have to disable BanManager in the Config.yml and change the BanManager commands tempban and permban. I'll also see how I can make the interface more user-friendly
  8. oneaddictions
    Version: 0.9957
    Killaura bypasses on like every client, and also why so many speed detections, you only need 1 speed check to detect every speed, just my opinion, could be better, also lots of useless features in the anticheat
    1. Clientastisch
      Author's Response
      It's better to have less combat detections, than false positives and there are also combat checks like AimAssist Type B which are able to detect nearly every KillAura, but they are just recalculation the damage the target receives. And I have so many speed checks, because it could be possbile, that you don't want one. If I have just one, this case would be extremly sad.
  9. GamemodeSurvival
    Version: 0.9957
    Please learn how updating versions works. Not talking about the guy below me, I don't think you know what 0.9957 stands for.
    1. Clientastisch
      Author's Response
      First of all, thank you for your rewiev. But 0.9957 has a meaning for me, even though it looks stupid. But it makes sense: it's the 7th patch of 995th development release. From this it becomes clear that Cardinal Anticheat is still in test phase
  10. args.
    Version: 0.9953
    Nice Event System and Addon System :3
    EventSystem is old, but cool and Addon System is interesting :thinking:

    1. Clientastisch
      Author's Response
      Thank you senpai :D