Cardinal Anticheat | Community Edition | 1.8.X 0.9974

Free Version of Cardinal Anticheat

  1. Changes and adjustments

    • Added AntiCactus
    • Some adjustmends to Speed checks
    • Fixed weird teleport issue
    • Fixed Speed Type I on ice
  2. Little fixes

    • Fixed my incompetence v1
    • Improved Speed Type C
    • Fixed Fastladder Type A bypass
  3. Fixes

    • Fixed current loading issue
    • Fixed replay command
    • improved FastLadder Type A
    • improved AimAssist Type B
  4. Big combat improvement

    • added KillAura Type A
    • improved AimAssist Type B
    • fixed Fly Type J
    Please delete the old AimAssist Type B.yml file
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  5. More features

    • Added setting import and export system
    • Fixed some issues
    Settings.png Import.png
  6. Major changes

    Fixed banmanager issues
    Added new check Speed Type K (experimental)
    Added new command /CAC info [playername] to see baninformations
    Huge changes to the replay-system:
    • Added chatlog
    • Added flags to replay
    • New replay inventory
    • Improved performance
  7. Major changes to the replay player

    • Replay player issues fixed
    • Replay player world issue fixed
    • Replay player performance improvements
    • Added player skins in replays
  8. Fixed reported issues and improved some checks

    It's necessary to delete the file: Speed Type E.yml which is located in plugins//CAC//movement//
  9. Major changes

    • ReplaySystem (complete remake)
    • BanSystem
    • Config.yml
    I recommend to delete the old config.yml and replay.yml in order to prevent bugs
  10. Fixed issues with high external velocity

    Fixed issues with high external velocity:
    • yMotion
    • VPort Type A
    • VClip Type A
    • Fly Type I
    Fixed false positives:
    • AimAssist Type B