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Create a game of battling over the public money source. Wait and be rich but risk losing it all.

  1. TheTealViper
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12

    Pictures can be found in the tutorial section!

    Purpose :
    Cash Cow is meant to be a free plugin that allows a server to have an interactive way to drip feed money its players. Create a cow that slowly drips small amounts or swiftly drips large amounts, forcing players to rapidly race to the cow.

    Requirements :
    • Java 8 (That means not Java 7)
    • Vault + an economy plugin
    • HolographicDisplays
    ⟿ Customizable Cow Texture : The item used to represent the Cash Cow can be changed to look however you please along with a link to a tutorial.

    ⟿ Optional Milestone Broadcasts : Let your players know when a cow has received a certain amount of money.

    ⟿ Linked Cow Balances : Want a single balance tied across cows in different places (perhaps cities or hubs)? You can do that! Cows are configured in "Cash Cow Groups" which sync all balances automatically.

    ⟿ Customizable "Milking Item" or "Key" : The item required in hand to get the money the cow holds is configurable. Whether you want them to use an item that resembles a bucket or a key, you can hand-craft it to appear how you please (including display name and lore).

    ⟿ Turn all 's' into '$' : Just a fun little toggle but if turned on, all messages from this plugin will do exactly as it says. This doesn't effect any external messages, only ones included in this plugin.
    Note: All permissions can be found at the bottom of the config.

    ⟿ /cc c <group> :
    Give yourself an item needed to spawn a cash cow wherever the item is placed.
    Permission: cashcow.create

    ⟿ /cc k <group> <amount> : Give yourself x amount of "keys" used to drain the cows.
    Permission: cashcow.spawnkey

    ⟿ /cc k <group> <amount> <player> : Give a player x amount of "keys" used to drain the cows.
    Permission: cashcow.givekey
    Edit: Cows now look like this

    Here I spawn a cash cow from the group "Default" which is setup in the config.

    This is the item that it gives me. The item that is to be placed if I want to spawn a cash cow.

    Once placed you'll see this little guy.

    You can set custom broadcast messages at custom milestones.

    You can place more than one cow that share the same balance perhaps at multiple spawning hubs.

    Here I get a "milking key" or whatever you choose to call it.

    Without configuration it comes like this but can be changed into any item with any name/lore.

    Once used the total balance will be put in the user's account. The longer they wait the more the balance builds up. However they can't just sit there and spam away either if you configure the key to be removed upon use.

    Here is a demonstration that you can have two completely separate cows, perhaps for donator perks or whatnot.
    RED - Not started Blue - Started Green - Added
    • [1.2.7] Allow server to run commands instead of players themselves : This would allow for players to get milking "keys" from a majority of other plugins such as, for example, for voting or purchasing from a shop.
    • Create a configurable messages.yml for translational possibilities : I get it, not everybody speaks English. This would allow server owners to either make translations a thing, and/or just have a unique feel to their server.
    • [1.2.7] Allow keys to be a one time use rather than usable forever : Optional key removal on use has been added to the config.
    As I said, I'm just a college student. This is just a hobby. You have no need to give me money. However, if you wish to help pay for my overpriced books and classes, that would be extremely appreciated.
    -_- https://paypal.me/AaronSkeels -_-​
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Recent Updates

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  2. Debug Fix (Whoops)
  3. Better Default Cow Texture & Autoupdate

Recent Reviews

  1. insanerc
    Version: 1.2.10
    Great plugin and responds quickly to problems. A good perk for your players. Funny watching player camp to get that 'big' loot.
    1. TheTealViper
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! Let me know of any suggestions or problems you have :)